WaterField Designs iPad/2 Travel Express Review

WaterField Designs may have crafted one of the most deceiving iPad/iPad 2 bags yet. WaterField’s iPad Travel Express looks (and is) around the thickness of two full manilla envelopes plus its overall dimensions stretch out just a bit past the iPad, yet it can hold just about everything you could want to carry around with your tablet and more.

There’s no doubt that the Travel Express is very nice from the black nylon to the fairly eccentric interior. It is made out of a similar quality nylon as the iPhone Smart Case by the same company that I had reviewed last week. Rigid thanks to the nylon’s design and hard padding endowed within it, there is a definite sense that whatever you put into it will be protected.

Again, the nylon is obviously very high quality. There is also a sort-of stripe accent that runs along the top. All of the six colors that WaterField offers for the accent work nicely to add a lit bit of flair and vibrance.

WaterField Travel ExpressThere are actually two ways the Travel Express can be opened. The zipper can slide to about 90 degrees, giving you pouch-like access, or extend further to 180 degrees for a fuller opening. Convenient and a great idea, especially considering the bag’s thin size.

Inside of the bag, it’s apparent that WaterField put a nice amount of thought into the design. A well-padded pocket that can fit either a bare iPad/iPad 2 or extend for a case is even marked by a yellow tone so you have an easier perception of where your things are within the bag. In addition, there are four more pockets with ample space plus you can utilize the space between the pockets. Each part of the Travel Express is made out of a different material, further showcasing WaterField’s expertise.

As I had mentioned in my iPhone Smart Case review, WaterField is a company that genuinely cares about its products and customers. Always a big plus.

For the amount of space provided within the Travel Express, it is impressive how compact it is. With a great design and protection, the Travel Express has a lot going for it that should put it front-and-center in your iPad bag search.

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