USBfever’s Crystal Clear Case Review for the iPod Touch 4

If you’re looking for a simple, cheap, and reliable case with not too much in terms of looks, then you’ve got USBfever’s Crystal Clear Case for the iPod Touch 4 as a possible purchase.

The Crystal Clear Case for the iPod Touch 4 is of course, based on the name, a completely clear case. Made out of a considerably tough plastic, the case is a reliable way to keep your iPod protected, and as shiny as the day that you first opened it. Though it does well protecting your device from scratches and such, it doesn’t do so well with its looks as it’s rather plain.

Installing the case is extremely easy. You simply slide one end of your device into the case, and then snap on the other side assured by the slight snapping-shut noise you’ll hear. Unlike other hard cases, this one is also easy to come off. Instead of prying it off with the constant worry of breaking the case or worse your device, you simply bend off the case.

The case is not designed too complexly. It’s slim adding almost no weight to your device or extra thickness making it easy to carry around with you. However, the case is very bland which is one of the only downsides. The good part of the case being completely clear is that you can see the elegance of your device while also protecting it – so it really comes down to your choice of having a good looking case, or being able to see your good looking iPod. All of your ports are accessible, though the buttons are not protected with extra material on top and are instead left vulnerable.

On USBfever’s website, the case sells for a low $6.99 here which is an extremely good price. It’s not one of the best cases on the market, but does what’s needed and nothing more. If you’re looking to spend more, there are much better cases, but if you want a case that does everything that is expected, the Crystal Clear Case is a solid option.