Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Review – More Than An Alternative, A Must!

With the standard Apple earbuds, do you really get anything that you actually, truly value? They’re actually pretty cheap looking in my opinion. Average sound quality, a very “prone to cuts” wire, and bad design. So, with all of these flaws, after awhile I lost my pair, and that gave me a reason to get new pair. That I did, and I have to say that my decision was an excellent one.

The Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Headphones are the perfect pair of headphones for someone like me who loves music. In my recent vacation, I got a couple of hours on the plane ride to test them out, and my impressions are more than strong – they’re epic.

First off, the headphones are designed to offer the wearer the most comfort possible. They fit in my ears like they were made custom just for me – perfectly. And even if the buds on the headphones when they’re shipped out don’t suit you, Ultimate Ears includes a variety of different sizes to assure all ear sizes are compatible. Among the different sized buds are a pair of gray foam ones. These are more comfortable than the other buds, however I never got to use them in full feature because they were too big for my ears. E

The two right and left ear pieces are each a different color to make it easier in distinguishing which one fits in your right ear, and which fits in your left. This, while being a very good idea, does actually look a bit weird when the headphones are resting in your ears however I never have looked at the lettering because of this feature.

The sound quality that the SuperFi 5vi Headphones provide is rich and full of the things that you like to hear in your music. I love listening to music, and when using other headphones rather than the SuperFi 5vi ones I feel like I’m missing out. The headphones offer a smooth way to listen to your music; no crackle, just great bass reproduction, treble, and other features that all contribute to the feeling that you’re at a real live concert.

Included in the box along with the different sized buds, is a hard plastic carrying case. When I saw it, I was like “No way are these headphones gonna fit in there”. But when I looked at the cardboard instructions, I learned to wrap them in a certain way, and they magically did fit. The case is about 1-2 inches in height, and it’s right to left dimensions are even smaller. Thus, the case will easily fit into your pocket, purse, handbag, or anything else which makes the headphones portable. Also because of the hard plastic shell of the case, maximum protection is ensured to your headphones.

The cable on the headphones is great. Long, and definitely another way that makes the SuperFi 5vi Headphones better than others. It’s thicker than most so that it won’t tear right through, which happened to my apple earbuds. On the cable is a mic that catches the faintest of noises, and a remote with one buttons that controls music playback, and other things. Sadly, I could not find a way to go to the next song or fast forward/rewind which totally defeats the purpose of the remote.

While the headphones sell for a high price tag of $189.99, they’re much better than many other headphones in their league and can easily compare to headphones priced much higher then them. They’re pretty light, portable, comfortable, and prove to offer the best sound quality I’ve heard. Like I mentioned above, I used the headphones mainly while on my way to my vacation destination, and when I say this I’m not lying: I seriously wanted to get up and dance to my music!