The Basics: Speck Candyshell Review for 2nd/3rd Generation iPod Touch

Here at iPhone Alley we talk about the latest iPhone and iPod Touch news, yet due to the release of brand new products we have neglected out readers with older models. Many of you out there own the iPhone 3G/S or the iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation. We want to accomodate all of you out there, so we are going back to the basics. This review will cover the Speck Candyshell for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touches.

The Speck CandyShell case has much to offer for the IPod 3G and 2G. It has amazing style. The sleek, shiny, hard outer coating is stunning. The Speck logo on the back and gray accents around the edges give a simple yet nice overall clean look.

Even if it looks great, it still has to function as a case to protect your device, mainly from scratches. Candyshell is somewhat of a two piece case design. It has a hard plastic cover as well as a contrasting rubberized interior that offers extra shock absorption to the iPod if mishandled. The front side of the case does have a bit of a lip on it so you can set it down with the backside of the case facing upward. This leaves the iPod without any kind of damage when it is face down. The case also is very tight around the iPod. So there’s no chance it will accidentally fall out.

This case has a great feel to it. The texture is much better than some of the other cases similar to it’s design. You can grip it securely without the worry of it slipping from your grasp and it’s very comfortable, even after hours of gaming. With the case’s smooth slick exterior it is easily pulled in and out of your pocket at any time.

The buttons are completely covered. Many cases just have holes for the power and volume buttons. This case has soft but firm silicon button cover built into the case. They perform perfectly as if they were nonexistent. Again, there’s no stress or hassle in trying to push the buttons. It has an opening for the dock connector port which allows for easy charging without having to take the case off.

Also, you do get a microfiber cloth and screen protector with this case. This is a great plus to the case because the microfibers clean any fingerprints off of the open screen with magnificent ease. The removable screen protector is just another way of protection giving the IPod extra scratch protection. This is a wonderfully protective and nice looking case. It’s amazing durability results in a long lasting case that is easily used on the IPod 2G and 3G. This case is available at cases/ipod-touch-2nd-gen-cases.html Colors include Blue for $19.00, Pink for $19.00. Black for $34.95, and White for $19.00.

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