Tetrax Xline Phone Mount Review

Honestly, no matter how many cool products we saw at MacWorld 2011, there were only a select few that I HAD to have. The Tetrax Xline is one of those products and I was not alone. The booth was jam packed with people viewing demos, money flying and hands grabbing, all to get their own Tetrax. I walked by several times before I even realized what they had to offer. But crowd mentality got the best of me and I meandered over to see what the fuss was all about. The Tetrax is a product designed to adhere your phone, GPS, iPod, etc. to the dash in your car using magnetic technology.

How it works-
There is a magnet that you mount to your air conditioning vent or dash. Then you secure an adhesive disc to your phones or case. They recommend you use a case with the iPhone 4 to secure the disc properly. They also offer their own cases with the disc already included. Then touch the disc on the phone to the mount and you are ready to go. You’d be surprised at how securely it holds. I’ve used the product over bumps, snow and ice and it hasn’t moved a bit.

Roman Skorik, the Operations Manager, says, “The 4 magnets at the front of the unit are holding devices securely and do not affect electronics due to the opposite polarity magnets layout, a patented design. Plus Tetrax is universal and very easily transportable from car to car.” The Xline model is a soft black rubber mount that slides into the slats of an air conditioning vent. It has 4 magnets in the center to hold the device. The back of it can be opened or closed depending on the size of your vent. The Fix line adheres directly to the dash and comes in several colors to match your interior. Once this is mounted, it’s there for good unless you want to permanently remove it.

There are two common types of designs, the Xline, an X shaped holder with a clamp on the back that fastens to the air vent in your vehicle. In my opinion, this is the one to get so that you can move the mount around to either different vehicles or to different locations in your vehicle. There is also the Fix line that adheres to your dash or any other location in your vehicle with an adhesive.

Real World Use-
I’ve been using this product since I returned from MacWorld and I gotta say, I’ve gotten spoiled using it. When I get in the car, I put my phone on the mount. When I get a call, I can easily answer without having to look for my phone. Then I hit the speaker button. I have made every call in the car this way since I got the Tetrax. With my hands free, I feel so much safer driving while talking on the phone. This product is also really great for use with Maps or any GPS app. You can literally turn your iPhone into a GPS that you can see and use while you are driving. The one draw back I have to the product is that the disc on the back doesn’t allow my phone to lay flat when it is on other surfaces throughout the day. However, if you purchase one of their cases, then this is not an issue.

The Tetrax can be used for so much more than a cell phone. It can be used to mount a GPS, an iPod, a garage door opener or just about any other product you want to keep in your car for easy access or to prevent it from sliding around in car.

Bottom line, if you would like a way to keep your phone visible while driving yet also be safe, this may be a great product for you. Several people have seen this device in my car and they are itching to get one. Such a simple product with great big benefits!

View this video to see it in action.