Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Vivid Series Review for iPhone 4/4S

Jony Ive and his talented team of designers over at Apple have evidently spent a countless amount of time perfecting the signature beauty that every Apple device possesses. While you want to protect your iOS device from any potential harm-causing culprits, you probably simultaneously want to admire your device’s svelte qualities in its natural form, which is what bumpers aim to do. Available online via the Spigen store is their Neo Hybrid Vivid Series ($31.99) line of quality bumpers seeking attention and promising a minimal, though attractive nonetheless, amount of protection for your iPhone 4 and 4S.

Bumpers usually aren’t the most optimal solution for those chasing a rugged contender to keep your iPhone in top-notch qualities in all times of situations. They simply provide an elegant sliver of basic protection preventing fatal damage to your phone. This, is exactly what Spigen’s line of bumpers in their line of Vivid Series products boast.

You’ll find that the bumper has been tailored to fit your iPhone’s exterior perfectly. A silicone inner piece will firstly slide over your phone followed by the actual bumper itself. This assures that your iPhone isn’t damaged by the plastic that the bumper is composed of as well as makes the bumper sit firmly on the iPhone. The perfect fitting doesn’t go to say that installation of the bumper is a piece of cake. Simultaneously keeping the rubber lining on while also sliding on the plastic portion of the case results in a messy, bumpy interaction of the two that are meant to fit together perfectly. It takes some time to get the bumper on properly.

While the bumpers do feature quality design and astounding presentation, with multiple vibrant colors available to appeal visually, the bumper doesn’t offer much else. Essentially, it doesn’t protect your screen or the external back plate of your phone. Rather, it sticks to the bezel of your iPhone solely leaving the rest of the phone exposed and arguably easy to be damaged. You’re basically purchasing the equivalent of half of a rugged case.

With the bumper installed, all ports and buttons remain to be easily accessible. There’s no obstruction from the bumper that makes functioning the buttons any more of a burden than without the bumper.

The bumper doesn’t really add much extra bulk to your iPhone in truth. It’s been constructed well to make stowing your device as easy as ever. You’ll also notice the quality in the bumper. Starting with its packaging to its finish, the Neo Hybrid sports a slick design.

Bumpers wouldn’t be my first choice for protection. You really have to consider the substantial amount of provided protection in correlation with the price and further in comparison to other products available. Spigen has the bumper retailing for $31.99, which really isn’t a good investment for the amount of other protective solutions that can be purchased for around the same amount. We’ve had a ton of cases come into our possession, of which the Neo Hybrid Vivid hardly throws a good punch at in terms of worthy and reliable protection. Thus, if you’re searching for something to protect your prized Apple device at nearly all costs, we simply can’t recommend it fully to our readers. Regardless, if you’re simply searching for refined plastic lining to spruce up your iPhone and offer a minimal buffer between your iPhone and harmless drops, you can pick up the bumper in a variety of colors via the link below.

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