Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector Review for the New iPad

We absolutely fell in love with Spigen SGP’s top-notch solution for users seeking an effective way to safeguard their iPhone’s screens. Their line of high quality tempered glass screen protectors recently expanded to the new iPad, and naturally we were eager to get our grubby hands on a unit.

The GLAS.t for the new iPad ($69.99) is a premium tempered glass screen protector catered to users who clumsily and frequently drop their devices.

Installation of the protector is as simple as can be. Though it has its caveats, it’s certainly more effective than the process involved with other screen protectors. It requires you to peel back an adhesive backing and then line up the sheet of glass with the front of the iPad as best as possible. Once you’ve done do, you just gently apply pressure and adhesive bubbles will spread throughout the display. The one drawback is that you cannot reposition the GLAS.t once you’ve applied it – it requires prying of sorts to remove.

The responsiveness of your iPad’s screen won’t falter one bit. Further, the crisp retina display and high contrast quality of the iPad’s display is retained despite the GLAS.t’s presence.

While the GLAS.t does have its minor issues, we were incredibly impressed with its effectiveness and long list of advantages over its competitive screen protecting counterparts. That said, our recommendation to purchase the iPhone version remains. Although it’s a huge investment ($69.99), it’s definitely worth it.

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