Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector Review for iPhone 5

After continued use, it’s a given that typical screen protectors tend to wear themselves out. The corners begin to peel and all kinds of dirt and other unwanted grime creeps in. What’s worse is that regular screen films don’t provide sufficient screen protection to balance out the aforementioned issues. Therefore, Spigen SGP’s continuation to its signature GLAS.t glass screen protector ($27.99) line for the iPhone 5 is the optimal solution for those wishing to keep their iPhone’s screens pristine and scratch-free.

The GLAS.t screen protector is constructed of a thin layer of glass, catered towards users who frequently drop their iPhones. When the idea of the GLAS.t was first sprung upon us back with the iPhone 4S version, we were unsure that such a product could be pulled off to protect the screen while simultaneously preserving its natural sensitivity.

However, our initial impressions proved to be untrue. Spigen SGP have engineered the 0.4mm glass film to surely defend your iPhone’s screen against all usual culprits. The installation process is a breeze. Although you can’t redo the installation to rectify any errors you make whilst doing so, it’s pretty straightforward and definitely not difficult to mess up. After peeling back the adhesive side, you simply line up the glass with your iPhone’s front and press down in the center; this part of the installation is pretty neat considering you can see the adhesive bonds forming against your screen. You can use the included squeegee to push out any prominent bubbles while smaller bubbles should dissipate within a few days after installation.

Once you’ve successfully installed the GLAS.t, the fact that there’s something else on top of your iPhone’s native screen is completely unnoticeable. Instead, the GLAS.t retains the iPhone’s vibrant display capabilities and maintains the same sensitivity as without the GLAS.t.

Instead of spending money on regular, faulty screen protectors, we strongly recommend our readers to invest one time in Spigen SGP’s flawless GLAS.t screen protector for their new iPhone 5.

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