Speck Pixelskin Case Review for iPod Touch 4 – Drop Your iPod? No Problem!

The slickness and the beauty of the newest iPod touch is just stunning. There’s no telling what could harm it or what can’t so it’s always good to be safe and get a quality case that will protect your iPod no matter what. Speck’s Pixelskin, which is among their lineup for the newest release of the touch this year, if you look at it in this perspective, will win over your mind!

Speck is known for quality cases for many electronic devices rather than limited to just one brand. All of their cases including the previous ones that I own have been wonderful in terms of keeping my iPod away from scratches, dust, and other harmful-ness.

The new iPod’s version of the Pixelskin is designed just like the previous ones just manufactured to fit snugly on the new iPod. It’s got the small pixel squares on the back evident by the name and is made out of a silicone/rubber material that feels great on the hands.

Since the case is rather rough on the back considering the array of pixels it’s got amazing grip and feel against your hands. Holding your iPod enclosed in the case just feels “right” and it doesn’t feel like it’ll fall when you’re gaming with both of your hands. (if you’re looking for a serious, hardcore gaming case check out Speck’s newest case, the Candyshell Grip) Unless you’re wearing some pretty baggy, smooth basketball shorts or athletic pants, your iPod will most probably not fall out of your pockets due to the pixels.

The case can be easily installed and removed. It’s not a hard case, so the soft silicone will with ease bend making it simple to slide in your iPod and pull the ridge of the case of the bezel. Removing it is also no biggy as bending it in the opposite direction is similarly easy.

When Apple announced the new iPod Touch 4, they announced that it would have a camera, two volume rockers, be thinner, and have a separate speaker grill. Even if there was no size difference between the older version of the touch and the new one, you’d still have to upgrade your case due to the design changes. So the Pixelskin is shaped to fit the device, but it has to change in other ways too. The case has got a cutout for the camera/microphone, has two rubber covers for the volume rockers, and on the bottom does not enclose the speaker grill.

Your normal daily needs can be met even when the case is on. It’s got a full opening at the bottom making the headphone jack, and charge and sync jack accessible. The sleep button and the volume rockers are also all covered with silicone/rubber so that they don’t get damaged in anyway.

The essential parts of your iPod like the charge and sync port and the headphone jack are still exposed which is the case with most cases. Though I’d like to see them someway protected, nothing comes to mind in terms of suggestions. So if you’re truly concerned, I’m sure you can buy some protectors that sit in those jacks when they’re not in use for temporary use.

There was also one other thing I noticed while using the Pixelskin which threw me off a bit. The case unfortunately is a huge dust magnet with tons of little particles that sit in between the grids of pixels. They’re not big as one, but as a whole they do take away from the looks of the case which is a slight con.

On Speck’s website, you’ll see that the Pixelskin is available in multiple colors that all look bright and great on your iPod. You can get it in variations of black, cyan, hot pink, and a sea green-like color.

The Pixelskin has no flaws, apart from the slight lint attraction, and is overall a worthwhile case that I can fully recommend to iPod Touch 4 owners. It’s the ideal solution to preserving the looks of your iPod while providing you protection in a slick bundle that is sure to catch all of your friends eyes!