Speck Candyshell Review for iPod Touch 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen – Hard Outside, Cushiony Inside

Ever since I started receiving cases for review, Speck’s have been among my favorites. In other words, the Speck Pixelskin was one of my favorite cases among others like the Otterbox Defender. Now, I have a slick black Speck Candyshell on my iPod, and it is without doubt one of my favorite cases.

I’m all about style, fit, and of course protection when it comes down to cases for my precious iPod Touch. With the Speck Speck Candyshell, I get all three in such a cheaply priced package.

The case is made out of a hard plastic sort of material on the outside making it durable and sure to last a few years. You’d think that the case wouldn’t have any ultimate grip because of the glossiness of the back, but in fact it does. The inside is made out a soft, sort of rubberish material that ensures your iPod is cushioned safely – this will absorb any shock when your iPod is dropped. And obviously, that’s why the case is called a “Candyshell” – Hard outside, soft inside.

When you try to bend the case, it easily does flex a little but it’s not the kind of “Oh my gosh, it’s going to break” flex. It’s the kind of flex that means the case is flexible rather than stiff and will not crack easily when dropped.

When your iPod is housed inside the case, not too much extra bulk is added. The iPod still slides into any sized pocket, handbag or purse, but there it is a bit thicker than usual with a sort of “iPhone feel” to it. However, this thickness element of the case doesn’t bother me one bit. I actually like the idea of my iPod seeming like an iPhone, but for some people this can act as a turnoff.

The case fits perfectly on my iPod. To get it on, you simple put one corner of your iPod into the accordingly corner on the case, and then snap on the other 3 corners with ease. However, taking it off is a bigger issue. Since the case fits so tightly, it takes some force to take off. You have to first pry and lift away one corner of the iPod, and then get the others out one at a time which can prove to be a hard-ache. But, for the protection this case guarantees it’s worth it, and who cares? You won’t be taking the case off for a long time anyways!

Everything on the iPod is fully protected and covered when the case is on. The two volume rockers along with the sleep button on top are all covered with a rubber layer which ensures you that no harm will be done to them. Both of the buttons are easily pressable, however the volume rockers so show some more resistance than they would without the case on. Where your headphone jack, and charge & sync port are located, the area is left open. Therefore both of these critical openings are fully exposed, however you really can’t do much about this issue unless you bought a separate dock insert.

Since the case doesn’t cover the screen in any way, which I’m happy that it doesn’t (I hate thick plastic films that cover the screen on my iPod making everything must less responsive), Speck also sent me a box of their ShieldView which consists of three adhesive screen protectors. As soon as I got these, I instantly tried one on, and it worked great; stuck in a matter of seconds, and hasn’t even popped up in the corners since then a bit. It does well in terms of hiding the mass of fingerprints, and you can remove it several times before trashing it. They’re worth the $9.99.

Many times have I searched for the right case. I have found a few perfect ones, but not my search has stopped yet again, but only for the moment. This case will be my permanent one for awhile, unless a case comes along that’s better, but I’m not worried! This case has got everything that I need: style, fit and protection. On Speck’s official website, you can check out the Candyshell’s product page. The $34.95 price tag is a fair, and cheap price to pay for such a case that’s reliable and great looking with its four different sleek colors! For those of you looking for a quality case, here you go!