Speck Candyshell Case Review for iPod Touch 4

I still, after almost three months, haven’t seen a sufficient amount of iPod Touch 4 cases out there. Usually there’d be tons of companies fighting to take the spotlight with their everlasting releases of cooler and better cases. Right now, it’s pretty much a monopoly with Speck in my honest opinion at the top!

Speck’s Candyshell is one of their biggest line of cases with different versions fit to almost all of the electronic devices that people own. I recently had the opportunity to take a look at their version for the newest iPod Touch model (4).

First off, I wanna point out the case’s slickness and smoothness. The back is completely smooth and almost looks like it was polished and waxed which just feels “right” in your hands. It’s just simple: the speck logo on a plain background. Yeah the case looks shiny, and “oh so pretty!” when you first get. However, in mere moments after installing it you’ll get some tiny, yet annoying, scratches that most definitely take away from the case’s elegance. It’s not a big deal, because you can only see them in the light, but it’s still something to take not of.

It doesn’t take much to bend the case but you can tell that it won’t break. The back is extremely tough and wont crack if you drop it from a considerable height. It won’t do much for your iPod if it’s thrown down with force, because that’s going to affect the insides, but it will do very well on keeping the looks of your device high. The type of candy portrayed by the case is hard on the outside, and soft on the inside; the back and the sides are hard, and the inside is soft and cushiony to cradle your iPod.

Hard cases are typically more difficult to install than silicone/soft ones. Surprisingly, however, the Candyshell very easy to install. Taking it off requires a little more force, but is doable rather than not like many of the other hard cases on the market.

Like I’ve said, the looks of your iPod will be maintained: the volume rockers and sleep button are also covered with rubber so they won’t be harmed. And there are cutouts for the camera, microphone, charge & sync port, headphone jack, and speaker grill!

Alike the previous Candyshell I had for my iPod Touch 2G, this adaptation for the iPod Touch 4 is pure awesome. Apart from the few turnoff scratches you’ll see all of the time on the back, when the case is installed it transforms your iPod into a real beauty. And it does it’s main job well as it prevents most accidents from causing much hard at all.

For many, the case may be a little too price, selling at a price of $34.95. But if you’re up for spending a little extra on a case that will ultimately protect your iPod from a ton of the things that could hurt it severely, the Candyshell case is worth it.