Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand Review for iPhone 4/4S

One of Apple’s best aspects that they’ve poured their full love into is the signature iOS device screen. Other than the svelte qualities of the iPhone, with its sleek aesthetic, the capacitive touchscreen is one major forte that iOS can boast over many other competitive phones. Regardless, some people just miss external, physical buttons, and they love Apple at the same time – so for those unique people, clever designers have manufactured the Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The case turns your iPhone into a slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard concealed beneath its main exterior body. After installing the case, you can simply flip your phone into an landscape orientation and slide out the keyboard to type messages, notes and more – if that floats your boat, that is. I, personally, love the iOS device touchscreen and don’t see what people would have against the wonderfully responsive surface, but there are people of every type.

Considering it functions solely with bluetooth, installation is fairly simple. With the included instructions providing a visual aid, you can easily pair your device and the case. All you’ll have to do is navigate to the Settings application, enable bluetooth, and pair the devices using the randomly generated passcode displayed. Then, it’s all straightforward: slide in one end of your iPhone into the case and slowly snap the other end into the opposite side.

With the case on, your iPhone does gain some bulk. It feels unnatural but is very worth it if you have an issue with the iPhone’s native keyboard. Sliding the keyboard in and out feels absolutely flawless, and typing using the keyboard seemingly has no evident lag. The only gripe I had with the keyboard was that the space button was oddly placed; with a habit of using the iOS virtual keyboard, I constantly pressed the middle of the keyboard when wanting to space my words but instead ended up typing gibberish. The space button is awkwardly placed to the right side of the keyboard, but this problem can easily be overcome with use.

Fortunately, though, the keyboard comes accompanied by a useful backlight. With many keyboards, it’s impossible to make out the various letters in low lighting situations, but that potential issue was avoided by the inclusion of the backlight that cleverly lights up the letters, so they can be seen. This operates on the included lithium-ion battery built in, as does the bluetooth, which lasts for a considerable amount of time and can be charged quickly with standard cables.

Along with being an external keyboard, the case also offers another functionality which can be pretty useful. It also acts as a stand for your device. By tilting the keyboard away from the separate part of the case, you can make your iPhone stand up hands free to therefore watch movies comfortably.

If you’re looking for protection, the keyboard case won’t be what you’re looking for. While it does hour the back and sides of your device, the front is left completely exposed. Further, removing the case presented to be a pain. It was almost impossible to simultaneously pull away the corner of the hard case while also attempting to avoid snapping your nails right through the middle.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the current iOS keyboard, the Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand ($39.99) for the iPhone 4/4S is undoubtedly the most prominent contender. While it does lack in some areas, it makes up in others. However, if it’s protection that you’re searching for, we’d recommend some of the other cases that we’ve taken looks at in the recent past.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Case" cat1title="Appeal" cat1detail="Great for people that don't like the iOS virtual keyboard." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Protection" cat2detail="If you're expecting a case that'll protect your iPhone at all costs, you're wrong. That's not what it's advertising as its main strength." cat2rating="3" cat3title="Design" cat3detail="Sliding in and out is flawless, but you'll have trouble removing your device from inside the case." cat3rating="4.5" summary="Like we've stated, you shouldn't expect a heavyduty, protective case, but it has a wonderful QWERTY keyboard for $39.99"]

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