Review: Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for iPhone 5

Over the years, the market for iPhone cases has augmented to appeal to a wide variety of customers. There’s no doubt that anything you need – whether it be hardcore protection, glamorous looks, or a combination of both – will be available somewhere online or in-store. Spigen SGP’s lineup of cases for the iPhone 5 boasts a lot of promise and creativity. Today we’ll be taking a look at the company’s Ultra Thin Air case for the iPhone 5.

Weighing in at a mere $19.99, the Ultra Thin Air series case aims to be the optimal contender for users seeking minimal elegance and reliable protection for their iPhone 5 devices. The case requires you to simply snap it on to the back of the phone. There’s no complication installation process involved like with other case solutions.

There was evidently one focus when creating and designing the Ultra Thin Air series case: creating the lightest case to the most possible extent, while retaining the protective qualities that most iPhone users prefer. When housing the iPhone, the case adds almost no weight or additional bulk at all. In fact, it feels as if you’re holding the naked iPhone itself without no form of protection.

Because the case is extremely thin, it’s questionable whether or not it’s durable enough to withstand the number one daily occurrence that an iPhone user goes through: drops. While the case most probably wouldn’t be of much help if the iPhone was dropped from an abnormal height, there’s no doubt that it would be able to protect your phone from minor falls and bumps.

Spigen SGP has mastered the art of creating unique, user-attractive cases and the Ultra Thin Air is simply yet another weightless marvel to grace the company’s huge selection. If your interest was piqued in the slightest of ways, we strongly recommend you check it out.

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