Review: SlateSHIELD 360 Case for the New iPad/iPad 2

Since the dawn of iOS devices, accessories have accompanied Apple’s creations throughout – there are tons from handy external batteries to creative cases all the way to kickstands. Although they’re all useful utilities, it can be cumbersome to stow each while on the go which completely nullifies the positives of mobile devices: the fact that they’re easily transportable.

The SlateSHIELD 360 ($54.95), a new case that was announced/released recently, aims to create a benefital coalescense of multiple accessories thanks to the integrated functionality it cleverly packs in.

Constructed of a touch, ABS plastic, the SlateSHIELD 360 is a case that protects to your priceless tablet while also offering other functions as well. As alluring as it may sound, the case comes standard with a few caveats described in detail below.

Firstly, the case doubles as a fully-functional kickstand. Pivoting, the attached stand allows you to prop your device for hands-free use. Multiple viewing positions are provided to suit the user; the device can be used in either landscape or portrait modes kudos to the swiveling base to which the stand is attached.

Further the case boasts a wonderful feature that is undoubtedly its forte over other cases for the iPad. A strap has been included along with the kickstand, in the same 360-degree-pivoting base that turns using your iPad into an easy task. While tablets aren’t normally the most ideal devices to carry about and certainly can’t be held with one hand, the strap allows you to do just that; you can simply slide your hand underneath the strap for comfortable carrying of your device. Keep in mind, though, that switching back to having to use two hands is a burden once you’ve experienced the easy nature of carrying using the elastic strap.

Said strap opens the gate to using your iPad, really. You can now use your device more freely; while it’s physically cemented to your palm thanks to the strap, your iPad can be used how you see fit using your other hand. There are loads of cases available that pack in adjustable stands. Not many, though, offer such a strap, and I absolutely loved using my device with only one hand rather than two.

We mentioned caveats above. What we were referring to in this case (no pun intended) is the quality/visual design of the SlateSHIELD 360. Though it performed up to par with our expectations, most cases look a whole lot better, and we would’ve preferred that more time be invested into perfecting the aesthetic qualities of the case. Apple has spent months and months defining the look of the iPad, and it looks real nice only to be weighed down by a plain case.

If you’re past looks and are simply searching for functionality, there’s no doubt whether or not the SlateSHIELD 360 for the new iPad/iPad 2 should be purchased. The compact and convient design makes it stand out among other cases. While it doesn’t look the best, it’s not lacking elsewhere. You can check it out for $54.95.

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