Review: Scan Hand-Written Notes with the Shot Note Paper Pad

No matter how you look at it, lists and notes are essential to the various aspects of our everyday life. Whether you’re simply jotting down a few tasks to be completed or are writing a complete guide for the grocery shopper in your family, lists are unavoidable. For the less technology oriented, Shot Note brings handwritten to handheld with its easy-to-use iPhone app used in conjunction with the physical stationary from company Ampad.

How does it work exactly? The paper is designed to make the process of scanning physical notes extremely simple and user-friendly. Once you’ve downloaded the free Shot Note companion app from the App Store, you’ll be able to shoot and save notes that are written on the official Ampad Shot Note notepad. Using four markers that are printed onto each of the corners of the paper, the app will recognize your note and stretch/resize accordingly – the result is an incredibly clear picture of your note that can further be assigned a title, date of creation, description and more for overall easy organization.

Once you’ve scanned your note, you can use a number of options to archive the note or share it with others. You can save the note to your camera roll, or share it via Twitter, email, Dropbox and even Evernote. If you really think about, this whole process of note-taking and scanning has huge potential in terms of usability for various niches of people including students, workers, teachers and others.

If you can find a use for the clever technology, Shot Note could very well prove to be incredibly helpful. You can purchase the notepads in various size-differing iterations and check out the app on your local App Store for free, then begin bringing notes from your notepad to your iPhone!


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