Review: Power Support’s Black Air Jacket Set

Ultra thin, ultra light, ultra hyped and rightly so. The Air Jacket Set case from Power Support USA is a hard-case for the iPod Touch 4th generation measuring under 1mm in thickness and weighing almost nothing – that’s how they manage to sell this case, and it’s certainly a valid selling point.

Through a slick finish, thin looks and more, Power Support’s Air Jacket Set never ceases to amaze and impress. It’s yet another case available for the iPod Touch 4th generation.

In the nice packaging, another film is also included for use with your iPod. The adhesive side easily sticks to your iPod without trouble, and is meant to protect against grit, dirt, etc. I wouldn’t completely rely on the case for saving your iPod Touch from every single accident, considering its extra thin size, which is one of the major pluses to the case (size). But knowing that you can’t simply let the case take the fall helps you learn not to drop your iPod as often as you normally would.

If you’re not looking for something that will instantly transform your iPod into something bulky and not ideal for carrying around, then the Air Jacket is perfect for you. It’s available in two colors, clear and black, and sells for $34.95, a bit on the more expensive side when it comes to cases. Regardless, if you’ve got the money just burning a hole in your pocket, it’s worth the purchase.