Review: Mujjo’s Original Collection iPhone 5 Sleeve

Some people tend to prefer the risk of damaging their naked iPhones over slapping a protective case onto the device. The reason? Cases usually diminish the natural elegance of the bare iPhone and instead replace it with generic polycarbonate or silicone (in most situations). However, for those users who are willing to come halfway rather than possibly damaging their phones without any protector or using a case, there are numerous other solutions currently available. Part of the company’s Original Series, Mujjo’s Sleeve for the iPhone 5 ($45) is a top contender despite its rather high pricing.

Some people would rather use their iOS devices without any sort of permanent protection. For these certain types of people, Mujjo has the optimal solution. Tailored for a snug fit, the leather sleeve is quite unique among the rest – it combines long-lasting protection with an elegance that is undeniably superior to that of many other competitors.

Rather than requiring a whole installation process, the sleeve simply requires the user to slide his or her iPhone inside. Although it’s constructed from a high-quality leather, the sleeve is both smooth on the inside and outside providing for a comfortable grip while in your hands as well as a safe stowing location for your phone when not in use.

The actual quality of the sleeve is quite awing. Too many other companies boast cases or pouches that are made from trashy, cheap leather – these are not only rough and unappealing, but they’re heavily overpriced. Mujjo’s sleeve is constructed from high quality top-grain 100% vegetable-tanned leather and is hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. It’s smooth to the touch and soft on the eyes.

There’s nothing extremely noteworthy with Mujjo’s $45 sleeve. The price tag is a bit sleep, however, the minimal and contemporary design coalesce wonderfully with the svelte qualities of the iPhone to create a bond that is both aesthetically-pleasing as well as ideal – if you’re looking for a quality sleeve to escape from the usual – cases – you should definitely pick up Mujjo’s modern solution for your iPhone 5.

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