Review: LifeProof nüüd Case is Perfect for the iPad 2/3/4

LifeProof as a company, since its initial introduction, has gradually built and solidified an unmistakable name for what it markets and sells. The truth is, iOS devices, even though each has been developed and improved through the release of multiple generations, are terribly susceptible to stray liquids – water and other harmful substances can easily creep their way into a device and wreak ultimate havoc. For that reason, there’s a large demand for protective cases with the ability to safeguard against water, and LifeProof has captured that market with its nearly-flawless offerings for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The LifeProof nüüd Case and Cover/Stand Bundle for the iPad ($119.98) is the company’s Apple tablet-dedicated solution for those seeking universal protection for their 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads. Claiming to provide reliable safeguarding against water, dust, shock and snow, the case features a unique, attractive design incomparable to any other iPad case we’ve seen.

Consisting of two individual pieces, the case will envelope your device in between to offer protection against the four previously-listed hazards. With the iPhone rendition of the case, a screen-protector was integrated into the front of the case. With the iPad version, however, the front half of the case is simply a ring-shaped design that tightly covers the bezel. LifeProof actually advises against using a screen protector in conjunction with the case, as the additional thickness could hinder the ability of the nüüd to keep water out from under the iPad’s screen. Although the screen is protected from cracks, thanks to the thickness of the case’s perimeter, it seems very possible that small scratches could be a cause of worry. The two halves of the case will snap together, with a rubber bumper surrounding all edges to prevent the penetration of liquid.

With the case on, all of your iPad’s buttons are as accessible as ever with the only notable protection being a rubber covering. Most headphones won’t be able to be used with the case because of the extra length required by a pair of headphone’s jack; thanks to the additional depth of the case, the headphone port is deeply recessed within. To elude the issue of a headphone jack not being the sufficient length, LifeProof provides an extension cable that screws into the port and allows you to connect your headphones as normal. If you lose this, or simply forget to carry it around with you, you won’t be able to use your headphones – quite arguably a disadvantage for some. A swiveling, hinged hatch will protect your charging/syncing port when not in use.

In comparison to the feel of the naked iPad, you’ll most certainly notice a difference in the weight and ease-of-use with your device clad in the LifeProof nüüd. This doesn’t inhibit the use of your iPad in every single situation, but the additional bulk does definitely require a bit of getting accustomed to. However, knowing that your device is protected from nearly everything certainly eases the disadvantageous size of the case.


Sold as a bundle, the case will also be accompanied by a separate piece that will clip onto the front of your device when not in use. This serves as yet another protective layer, and it doubles as a hands-free stand that can be used in one of two viewing positions: watching and typing.

The versatility and protective abilities of LifeProof’s nüüd casing solution for the iPad are simply awing. If you’re seeking a case that knocks your socks off, albeit a few questionably minor flaws, the nüüd is certainly worth the $120 investment.

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