Review: Lenmar’s Kickstand Battery 2.0 for iOS Devices

Today we’re back with yet another review for you all. While it’s a problem most iOS device users do encounter, iPhone 4S users in general have been disappointed with the battery life of Apple’s newest addition to their expanding iPhone line. We’d like to share a product that can definitely lighten up your day when your battery just doesn’t suffice. Those who are reading, say hello to Lenmar’s second generation Kickstand Battery.

Available for a mere price, considering what it does exactly, of $59.99, the Kickstand Battery is yet another external battery available specifically for Apple’s iOS devices. Rather than simply providing an extra power source for those times when you don’t have access to a usable electrical outlet, the battery also houses an additional piece that also makes it a fully functional stand.

To use the battery, you simply power it on using the power button located at the bottom of the unit and then connect your iOS device. You can then place the battery on a flat surface, and it’ll hold up your device either horizontally or vertically. Then when the battery on the unit starts to decrease too low, indicated by the four LEDs, you can charge the battery using the included, or any other, USB cable.

I had one major gripe with the product, which was that it didn’t offer many viewing positions when using it as a stand. Many of the better iOS stands available online allow the user to position their device in a way that suits them depending on how they’re sitting. You’re limited to only a view in this case, which really blows when you think about how cool it would’ve been had you been able to use in a variety of positions.

Albeit the battery is simple, it’s definitely for the better considering the whole thing looks slick and elegant; it feels nice to hold, is on the thinner side of the market and simply lasts a long time. While $59.99 may seem daunting, the battery is rightly priced and much recommended.

The battery is certainly down our alley