Review: Incipio DualPro Case for the iPhone 5

Constructed for the maximum protection, Incipio’s DualPro ($29.99) case is one of the perfect contenders for users who are seeking optimal safeguarding against the most usual iPhone-wrecking culprits.

Thanks to the prompt delivery of the case on the iPhone 5′s release day, the DualPro was the very first case that I used with my phone. This two-part case includes a inner silicone layer that is then covered by a Plextoniumâ„¢ shell – essentially a rigid layer that is Incipio’s proprietary blend of polycarbonate.

Though the new iPhone 5 is absolutely great, it’s a known fact that the device is extremely prone to scratches. This is unfortunate considering the iPhone’s naked body is among the top in comparison to most other smartphones available on the market.

Although it would be logical, based on the description, for the case to the bulky, much like options from our friends OtterBox, the case is quite the opposite. It manages to preserve the thin form factor of the naked iPhone to an extent that’s almost perfect. While it does add about as much thickness as an iPhone 4S with a thin case, the result is undoubtedly bearable and comfortable to hold/stow in a pocket.

Layering the bottom of the case, Incipio has left cutouts in the silicone layer to accommodate Apple’s new Lightning connector. The headphone jack is also located here with easy access; however, headphones with an unusually large outer shell lining the 3.5mm pin won’t work due to the obtrusive silicone running across the bezel of the phone.

Also included with the case is a kickstand that can be used with the iPhone for hands-free viewing in landscape mode. The stand is small enough to be held in a pocket or a purse and is surprisingly durable.

Given the case is priced attractively low, we recommend it as a solid companion to be used in conjunction with your new iPhone 5.

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