Review: Harmony Series Case for iPhone 5

It’s always satisfying when product reviewers such as myself come across a product that is comparably different than the majority of others in the similar competitive market. Whether it be speakers, stands or, in this case, phone cases, design is essential for the success of a product in the crowded market that iOS devices have created for themselves. Because of its uniqueness and stand-out-character, product manufacturer Uniea’s Harmony Series case ($24.95) for the iPhone 5 is a perfectly suitable contender for your next phone case.

Too many companies focus a great deal on maximizing the protective qualities and characteristics of their cases. While this is certainly not a bad thing at all, most times this results in a decrease of visual focus. Because of this, many of the most popular cases are quite bland, to say the very least, in terms of aesthetic appeal.

However, there are also the unique, stand-out cases that aren’t the least bit shy, in terms of numbers, throughout the accessory market. That said, Uniea’s Harmony Series case for the iPhone 5 is an incredible derivation, or step away, from many of the bare cases we’ve seen too much of lately. From the front, the case looks like nothing special. And it really isn’t – the case is really similar to any other snap-on case you’d find: an incredibly thin polycarbonate construction.

What makes the case stand out, however, is the design that embellishes the rear. Seemingly simple, the pattern decorating the back of the case gives the illusion of a stitched tablecloth/quilt thanks to the layering of different shades of grey, both darker and lighter. Although it doesn’t seem too intricate, the Harmony Series case is the first of my cases to ever fish in as many compliments as it has for its artsy, modern look.

As an additional bonus, the Harmony Series case is extremely thin and fits almost too tightly to the body of the iPhone. Every edge hugs the iPhone’s bezel, and even though it would seem most likely for the case to offer minimal protection, the case, in fact, provides sufficient care for the new, delicate iPhone 5 from dents and scratches.

Unfortunately, while the glossy effect of the case is quite attractive and enticing, the case is a fingerprint magnet. You can also easily make out tiny scratches on the back of the case when observing using the right lighting angle.

Uniea’s Harmony Series case has been my primary choice for use with my iPhone 5. The unique artwork and the clever design coalesce to offer a brilliant product. Check it out for a mere $24.95.

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