Review: Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones

Comfort, design, quality — everything that Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones are equipped with.

I was sent a pair of these headphones just the other day, and my first impressions were pretty strong. Other than the simplistic, okay packaging, the headphones were in mint condition and looking greater than ever. On the outside, they’re just a pair of simple, average-looking headphones – nothing special about them. In fact, the plastic outing does look a bit cheap. But your outlook on them instantaneously changes the first time you put them on with music playing.

The sound quality provided the headphones is incomparable by most other headphones. If your songs are top-notch, then the headphones will play them the exact same way they were meant to be played. It seriously sounds like they’ve got a built in equalizer. Unless the quality of the your songs is horrible, then you wont hear any scratchiness or blemishes within the audio; everything is pristine and rich.

Along with the headphones, multiple sizes of ear caps are provided. Each is comfortable and easily blocks out any excess noise that doesn’t belong to your music.

The only possible problems I could see having with the headphones, would be caused by the fact that there’s no carrying pouch that accompanies the pair. Of course, you can’t expect one thanks to the reasonable price, though there’s nothing keeping the wires from tangling. Plus, the wires are relatively thin making them more tangle-prone.

If you’ve got impeccable taste, then you’ll surely pick up a pair of Boxwave’s AcoustiMax headphones. They capitalize on providing pure, clean sound and soothing comfort. It’s like having a live concert in your ears and only for $22.95.

The headphones are available in two colors: silver and black. Both look pretty nice.