Review: BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus (Can iOS Users Benefit from a Stylus?)

Rare is that an iPhone or iPad user has ever looked back at the stylus and thought that it could be of beneficial use to supplement the multi-touch interface of gestures and swipes. Perhaps that may ring true, although that does not mean that a stylus cannot add to the experience. Well, for the right user that is. BoxWave makes its own stride with a new stylus that has the claim to fame of a unique mesh tip, but is it enough to compel you to pick up the EverTouch stylus? Read on for our very complete thoughts on what a stylus can and cannot add in the touchscreen era.

BoxWave seemed to be going for a specific feel whilst using the stylus as it is coated in a texture that is not cold and glossy like a fine pen but rather invitingly a small step above generic. As a stylus it does feel like it could be comfortably held for periods at a time and unlike some stylus designs we are used to, it is big enough to be held naturally. Adorned in your choice of a stylish-enough black, silver, red, pink, or blue, the EverTouch stylus does look quite good in its own regard. We feel that the two-tone silver design fits the Apple design philosophy well enough for those that will constantly use the stylus.

One of the points BoxWave has designed to differentiate the stylus from the standard rubber materials many other manufacturers incorporate into their styluses is the addition of a “FiberMesh” tip that is made of a “soft, durable” woven fiber material. Undoubtedly, we agree that this can withstand better than the rubber, almost-ballonish styluses we have dealt with in the past. Once we got used to pressing down with it, the stylus felt more delicately-crafted for taps and drags so that it can work up to the standard iOS requires. We feel that this is the EverTouch’s main differentiating factor, and it does certainly feel more pleasant to use than other stylus tips we have dealt with although the OCD in us wishes it was a tad softer (still, it should be cushiony enough as to not damage the display it is used with).

When testing the stylus, we admittedly found no real reason to use it with iOS’s built-in apps. Most of iOS’s catalog is decided with multiple touches in mind, not one stylus point. Perhaps the stylus can be used as a crutch for users to transition over to the more-natural experience, although none of this is the point of a stylus. What the stylus does is make moments where you need to be absolutely precise easier. Whether it be writing your signature or dragging a tiny box, there is no doubt the stylus can have its place in a user’s arsenal.

For artistic usage, there is a fault of capacitive displays themselves that bring a stylus down: finer drawing is more difficult. While possible, we found some lines missed throughout our artistic missteps. Still, it can be satisfactory enough for an artist that is struggling having to make use of their finger for their masterpieces for the simple fact that this is the main area a stylus can be quite superior to typical taps and swipes since it does bring the device to feel more like a canvas for a natural artistic toolkit.

For those worries of losing the stylus, BoxWave does include three accessories that present two options for storing the EverTouch. A built-in clip on top (which can very annoyingly clatter when using the stylus) can attach a two-piece lanyard that will secure the stylus to the headphone jack, while a charm ring can attach the EverTouch to a keychain for safe-keeping.

Is there an actual need for a stylus to accompany an iPad or iPhone? Honestly, unless you have specifically brought yourself to think “this app or the device itself would really be improved if it came with an old-fashioned stylus,” this probably is not necessary for you. However, there is a market for it and it can certainly feel assistive when used in a photo-editing, drawing, remote desktop, and some apps that require finer movements (even spreadsheet apps). So while not essential for the experience of most users, you could find yourself reaching for the decidedly top-of-its-class EverTouch when precision is essential. The EverTouch, and designed-for capacitive touchscreen tablets styluses in general are just that: an aid to the experience, not an addition; if the prospect of a precision aid entices you, there are not much more complete choices than BoxWave’s EverTouch.




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