Proporta Beachbuoy Waterproof Case Review

Until manufacturers begin to start coating handsets’ hardware with waterproof technology, it’s always a worry to take a delicate smartphone on vacation. The possibility that you may accidentally drop your iPhone or other alike device into the water is utterly daunting, so at every waking moment of each and every day, you’re burdened by the inevitable truth that your phone could face its demise. What’s the point in a vacation if you’re constantly stressed? Nothing. What you need is Proporta’s brilliant endeavor that has amounted to an effective waterproof case – the Beachbuoy ($19.95).

I was impressed with the case’s build quality. It has been constructed from a thick, durable material that will house your phone inside when needed. The open end (the entrance) keeps water out by employing two tough ziplock-style press zippers, if you will, which are folded one on top of each other to get tension levels high and prevent any form of liquid from breaching. The basic steps to properly safeguarding your device within the confines of the Beachbuoy are conveniently listed under the folding ziplock flaps to ensure you’re not doing anything wrong – these detail how exactly you to close the case.

On the face of the case, a plastic film allows you to use your phone while submerged in water. Surprisingly, the sensitivity of my device’s touch screen didn’t falter to a noticeable extent, and I was able to run a few apps.

Proporta claims that the Beachbuoy will keep your device out of harm’s way up to 5m (16 feet) in water. While I’m not going to find a body of water that deep anytime soon, I was able to test out the case in a pool of water made in my bathtub. As a measure of initial precautions, I first tested out my old iPod Touch 2nd-generation within the case, and it came out completely dry.

I’m set to go out of town this week and will be visiting the beach while on my vacation. I simply can’t wait to give the Beachbuoy a go under water, and I’m confident that I can use the case in conjunction with my iPhone without any harm coming to the latter. Definitely check out the Beachbuoy. It’s not overwhelmingly expensive, either.

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