XGear Flip Jack Leather/Carbon Fiber Review (iPhone 4)

There has always been something I have liked about the flip case design. It gives you not-so-blatant choices for use. For example, a user can keep his or her iPhone inside of the case at all times or decide to use the case more so as a pouch, taking the iPhone out for the extended use. Though it is a seemingly-dying trend, XGear presents two options with its Flip Jack case for anybody who is also enamored of the flip style.

Since a flap covers the device’s screen, Flip Jack is one of the few cases to provide screen protection without the need for a plastic film. The flap can be quickly pulled to reveal full access to the device, then snugly caught back onto the top of the iPhone’s metal band. Though the front flap cannot extend to the back of the case, it is not an annoyance whilst sticking out in my opinion.

Both the leather and carbon fiber variants of the case are equally thin and share the same size cutouts for buttons and ports. Overall, protection is good as the Flip Jack feels rigid thanks to a hard layer between the leather/carbon fiber and the microsuede lining, encompassing the iPhone well despite how the top right of the case could have been covered. There is a small issue with the microsuede utilized as it makes the case a lint magnet. However I do like how the soft material lines the entire interior.

The carbon fiber styling that the Flip Jack is available in is certainly a good quality. With an interesting, semi-glistening textured look, it presents itself even better in person than the images show. You can’t go wrong with leather either, as it is slightly above average styling and quality. It seems flip case users have been looking for more flair with color choices, however there is a lack of personalization options. Nonetheless, it is definitely nothing to complain about since the case does look nice and is one of the better choices in this price range.

Multiple styles of usage inherent with the flip style and two solid variations make the XGear Flip Jack a great sub-$35 choice. The flip style can be worth a try, especially for new iPhone users since the case provides full protection while shut and when the device is being used for the most part.


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