‘X-mini MAX II’ Speaker Review – Size Has A Demented Way to Trick You!

Last week I took a look at X-mini’s II and HAPPY speakers. Being highly satisfied, I was waiting eagerly to see what their MAX II held for me. Now I now, and still the company hasn’t failed to amaze me.

Unlike X-mini’s other speakers, the MAX II speaker takes the shape of an egg rather than a sphere. Also unlike the rest, this speaker is not just one speaker. No, it is a package of two high quality speakers with capacity to blow your mind away!

When you open the packaging, you’ll be greeted with a long multi-purpose wire, and of course the speaker itself. Seeing the speaker in the beginning will have you thinking, “Why is it so small?”. Don’t let size trick you, because these speakers are amazing!

It turns out that X-mini has done what they’re good at and made everything more portable. This so called “speaker” is actually, like mentioned above, two speakers. The duo connects via magnets on the bottom of each to form a football-like shape that can easily be carried around in a purse or handbag.

Detaching the two speakers from each other lets you see what each individual one looks like. Since they, together, form an egg-like shape then it’s obvious that each takes the shape of half an egg. Well, instead of a sphere shape like the rest of the speakers, these are curved at the top, fall straight down in the back, and have a flat bottom so that standing them up is no hassle.

When I reviewed the two speakers last week, I mentioned that both came attached with a 3.5mm wire. Well, in this case that’s not the case. The speakers come with one long cable that has a 3.55mm plug and a USB plug on one side, and two identical plugs on the other side which connect into the two speakers. This I find as a disadvantage and a plus at the same time. Firstly, I thought that X-mini wanted to create a more portable speaker but with this cable things become bulkier. Although I know that there wouldn’t be much room for the speakers to each house an attached 3.5mm plug, but isn’t there some kind of alternative. The plus that comes along with the long cable is that everything is contained in one wire making management easier.

Once you connect the speakers to an iPod or iPhone or whatever else you want to connect it to, you can flick on both of the switches and start playing music. With the long wire, you can create a semi-surround sound experience placing the speakers relatively far away from each other. The music quality that these two produce is amazing if you compare it side by side with their very small size. I was expecting that the music would start to get crackly when the volume was turned up, but I was proved wrong by the crystal-clear music. You can also swivel the top part of both speakers to open them up which will add a considerable amount of bass reproduction to the music.

You can control the volume of the speakers in two ways: on the Mp3 player, or with the single wheel on the wire. What if I wanted to make one speaker louder than the other? Because of the single volume wheel, sadly I cannot which I find as a con. If separate wheels were added to the side of each speaker, it would help a lot making it easier to change the volume to your preference.

Charging the speakers is done with the USB side of the wire. Connecting it to a computer’s port, or to a wall adapter are both useful alternatives to charging the speakers. With the speakers together, I got about 8-10 hours before the music quality started to decrease considerably. However, I noticed that I was not able to charge the speakers at the same time that they were playing music. On my laptop you see, the USB ports are on one side while the input/output for speakers are on the other. So, the wire was not that long with these plugs both on one side of it.

Since I now I have three different types of speakers, (II, HAPPY, and II MAX) I can now use their integrated buddy jack system to create a long chain of high quality music producing speakers. Today, I actually used this feature as an alternative to my Yamaha stereo, and couldn’t notice a huge difference between the two. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I thought it was pretty close!

On the MAX II’s product page you will find a long description with a few pictures and some useful information. The speakers come in three colors: black, white, and red. I would recommend getting either white or red because you’ll be owning the speakers for awhile and I surely would want another color rather than black.

These two speakers come in one package for only $49.90. I really couldn’t believe how good they were, and now use them whenever I can. For that price, you are actually getting a good bargain. It’s just one of those things that you have to experience to believe: they’re awesome!