’s Recorder + Mini Speaker Review

A few weeks ago, you may have seen my review of the mini capsule microphone for the iPod Touch. Well, after I tested it, I did like it however my complaint was that the thing didn’t have playback capabilities. So here is my review of a 2-in-1 speaker and microphone!

The Mini Speaker and Recorder from is a great companion that enables you to use your iPod Touch as a microphone and also at the same time be able to play anything without removing the mic. Since usbfever took the extra step and added it all into one tiny product, you can now do a lot more things with your device than you could before.

This product connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch (or really any iPod) using its own 30-pin connector that will plug straight into the bottom of your device. This works great instead of it connecting via the headphone jack mainly because it doesn’t just hand there threatened to fall off every time it’s touched.

The small size of the speaker/microphone instantly makes it a portable product that can be carried anywhere you go. It can slide into your pocket long or shallow, be thrown into a purse without taking up any room at all, or be carried along in a suitcase. Seriously, its width meets the iPod Touch’s width.

Because of the bulkiness of the plastic part on the product itself, sadly I wasn’t able to use it while my iPod was inside the thinnest of my cases. Right now, I constantly find myself having to remove the case every single time I want to use the speaker or microphone capabilities. Just based off of the size, you’d think the thing didn’t help much or wasn’t sturdy. On the other hand, the microphone picks up sound from pretty far away and the material is pretty sturdy although I wouldn’t rely on it to last too many falls. In fact, I would see using the thing as an alternative to the iPhone’s mic!

Though the microphone capabilities are very good, the speakers don’t meet the hype I had when it first arrived. I’d see the thing louder than an iPod Touch 2G, but when testing with an iPhone it sounded softer.

The product needs charging like any other electronic. Supplied along with the main product itself is a normal USB wire which one end of it connect to the bottom of the speaker/mic and the other to a computer’s USB port/a wall adapter.

On the website, (Mini Speaker and Recorder is a great alternative to the iPhone mic and a nice option for those of you that badly need a mic for the iPod Touch. Though the speaker isn’t too great its a good feature to have. For the price, I can recommend the product without doubt!

Notice: You will need to download another application on the iPod Touch 2G for the microphone to work.