Review: ThinkTank Airport Commuter

Airport-Commuter-1If you’ve ever traveled through a busy airport, crawling with people, with masses of electronics on your person, you know how much of a pain/hassle it is to successfully and comfortably navigate your way through. Normal, old bags won’t suffice for stowing all of your electronics, (camera, laptop, tablet, phone, chargers) and you’ll find yourself desperately struggling to somehow create additional space. What if we told you, however, that the camera-enthusiasts over at ThinkTank designed a perfect solution that allows you to transport all of your electronics in one handy and convenient location? Our guess is that you’d simply jump of joy. It’s okay, we did too.

ThinkTank took the challenge of creating a carry-on backpack with the ability to stow all your gear simultaneously in one place. ThinkTank’s Airport Commuter backpack ($199.75) was built for the sole purpose of appealing to those who regularly travel and need to transport a camera, laptop, tablet, phone and any other type of electronic.

To look at, the Airport Commuter hardly manages to satisfy to the slightest extent. From the outside, it simply looks like a bulky and large suitcase that rests on your back – quite unattractive, to say the least. However, once you unzip the cover and have a look inside, your view will dramatically change. The functionality and the potential of the large backpack is incredibly awing, with a deep inside that can comfortably carry all of your belongings.


Contained inside is a soft divider-like system that allows you to safely hold things in compartments. These can be tweaked to your preference, depending on the size of the desired backpack contents, or removed altogether. This system increases the maximum carrying capacity of the back while also ensuring a safe separation of contents from one another.

Although it’s only designed to hold one pro camera with lenses attached, the other cubbies or compartments within the backpack could easily hold a few other bodies. In addition to the camera, ThinkTank states that the bag can also carry a 15.4 inch laptop (though we were able to fit a 17 inch), and the bag also features a separate storage place for an iPad or any other similarly-sized tablet.

It’s not an incredibly good looker, aesthetically, but the Airport Commuter’s functionality makes up for its lacking style. If you’re looking for a backpack, capable of securely and reliably holding a camera, laptop, tablet and other gear in unison, ThinkTank’s solution is worthy. $200 is a bit of a steep asking price for an Average Joe, but depending on what your need is, it can be easily warranted.

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