Review: Proporta Teapot Union Jack Case for iPhone 4S/4

What a better way to reflect your nationalism than embellish your iPhone with a case sporting your country’s flag?

*says in deep British accent* – Bloody hell, my phone’s been scratched! Turns out, you can prevent this by also showing your pride.

If you’re a citizen of Great Britain or simply want to show your great respect for the country, Proporta’s Teapot Union Jack ($19.95) hard shell for the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 is your obvious solution. With teapots cleverly littered all around the back of the case, the colors and shape of the English flag have been depicted [almost] perfectly. The colors aren’t a perfect match, but we’ll give Proporta credit for their effort.

Other than the design on the back of the case, there’s really nothing that separates the Teapot Union Jack from other similar hard cases for the iPhone. It is installed by simply sliding one end of the phone in and then gently pressing down on the other. As it is for all other hard cases, removing the setup itself is pretty difficult and takes effort.

There’s really not much else to say. The case is simple in both form and function, which definitely isn’t a bad thing at all.

Proporta have been the manufacturers of some pretty creative case. While this one doesn’t quite take the biscuit (see what I did there?), it certainly comes very close. Although it doesn’t really bring anything awing or new to the table among other cases in the market, the unique visual design of the British flag is enough to warrant a purchase. Check it out for some affordable, quality protection for only $19.95.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Case" cat1title="Appeal" cat1detail="Doesn't really appeal to many other than the British. Other designs are sold, though, to suit almost every group of people." cat1rating="3" cat2title="Protection" cat2detail="" cat2rating="3.5" cat3title="Design" cat3detail="" cat3rating="4" cat4title="Overall" cat4detail="" cat4rating="3.5"]