Monster Turbine Headphone Review – Monster Is A Beast!

“Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”. That is what is imprinted on the box of my new Monster Turbine headphones from Monster. This statement, proves to be true – you don’t want to spend years using those old Apple earbuds, do you?

Monster is a winner when it comes to good cables. The Turbine Headphones that I recently received is a quality pair of in-ear buds with potential to blow the roof off of my house. Everything that you could possible ever want while listening to music can now be in your hands.

As soon as I unlatched the slick box that contained my new Monster Turbines, the wonderful aroma of something new wafted up into my nose. I sat there on the floor of my family room staring at magnificent pair of headphones that, I could tell, my ears would love. And they have so far.

The buds are named after their design. On the back of each right and left bud, you will see markings made into the chrome finish that represent a turbine engine. This design, which doesn’t make any significant difference to the performance of the headphones, looks great.

When you open up your brown box, you’ll find the actual headphone box which contains these beauties. The magnetic, black box with open up and you’ll find, housed inside, the earbuds themselves, two carrying pouches, and different sized buds. The carrying pouches both make the headphones portable after you wrap them up. One is leather, with a button, and the other is a soft cloth sort of bag. Both have a soft ‘microfiber’ feeling inside so that the metal exterior of the left/right buds stay scratch free. I needed to change the buds that were standard on the headphones already to the small size, but there are others depending on your ear size. You simply pull them off of the headphones to change.

When you put on the headphones, your listening experience changes from amazing, to amazinger. The headphones isolate pretty much all noise, so you won’t be listening to your parents, or siblings, or whomever blabber on and on throughout your whole trip. There’s absolutely no distortion in the music, and enough bass to have your rocking on your feet the whole time!

Though the cable belonging to the headphones receives praise for a supposedly “tangle free” design, during my testing I found that they didn’t quite live up to my expectation. Because the cable is considerably thin, (well it’s thicker than usual) it tended to tangle up very often making me spend a few minutes un-tangling. Even so, they’re better than the Apple earbuds and that’s what truly matters, correct?

Also on the cable is a feature called, Control Talk. This is basically a remote that can control iPhone and iPod music playback and other functions that comes in handy when your device is stowed away in your pocket. You can do things such as adjust the volume at which music is playing, answer a call, (iPhone only of course) skip a song, and pause/play music playback.

With the headphones, you won’t have to worry about getting a separate microphone to use with your iPod. There is a mic built into the cable that picks up tons of sound and will work great for whatever you need it for.

I really couldn’t find any flaws with the headphones throughout the whole week that I used them. The only thing that I would find as I slight disadvantage is the slight heaviness of each earbud, but it really doesn’t cause much of an issue because they hand in your ears fine and most definitely have looks that make up for this con. Other than that, the headphones were amazing.

The Monster Turbines are a wonderful set of headphones to own. They fit in nicely in pretty much any sized ear, look a hell lot better than the Apple headphones, and produce sound that really makes music sound better than the artist intended it to. Though they’re priced significantly higher than a lot of other earbuds, ($179.95) they offer a significantly more amount of quality. I’m no expert on headphones, but by the way these guys performed, I can tell that they’re very much worth it!