MicroStylus Compact Capacitive Touch Stylus Review

The most obvious solution to users who clumsily press random keys on the keyboard due to thick fingers is a capacitive stylus. The problem is, there are hundreds and hundreds of said accessories geared towards such users and choosing the right one can be difficult. You have to factor in the product’s responsiveness, size, feel and more.

The MicroStylus Compact Capacitive Touch Stylus ($9.99) available from ThinkGeek may be the top contender for your stylus needs. Boasted as the world’s smallest stylus, the MicroStylus touts a small insert that will allow you to easily stow it in your device’s 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Though the handle is incredibly small, the stylus is surprisingly easy to handle as a whole. You’ll be able to perform most functions on your touch screen – type (albeit with some effort and patience), draw, browse, etc.

While it may be too small to get serious with, the MicroStylus stylus is one of the most responsive and portable accessories I’ve seen to be used in conjunction with a touch screen device. If you’ve got a need for a small, sensitive stylus with some functionality, we definitely recommend picking one of these little nubs up from ThinkGeek for a meager $9.99.