Livespeakr Review – A Small and Portable Speaker With Yamaha-like Quality!

I possess a whole collection of speaker for my iPod Touch ranging from average to amazing. Among the ones that I’d easily see myself using often are the iMainGo, and the 3 small speakers that I received from X-mini. These four speakers are very good in terms of quality, but the Livespeakr is just, in the end, much better!

The Livespeakr is a sound system that compares to the finest on the market. For a considerably low price, you get tons of features packed into one awesome device. And if you’re wondering, I have not spelled the name wrong!

First off, the Livespeakr is small and portable. Unlike the iMainGo, it can be carried in pockets of normal size, and doesn’t take up much room in a purse or handbag at all. When I first saw the Livespeakr, I thought it was a full dock. It is a dock if you think about it, however, it doesn’t need a constant source of power and, like mentioned, can be taken around everywhere you go!

You will receive the speaker in a rather colorful and bright box that looks great. This magnetic box holds the speaker itself, a USB to mini-USB wire, a USB wall charger, and black soft carrying pouch. Everything is arranged with the utmost care, and because you can easily fit the items back in their place, you can use the box as a travel box which is one of its purposes.

Getting to the design of the speaker. It’s basically shaped sort of like a tiny bit deformed oval with a small cradle placed in the middle meant for holding your iPhone or iPod Touch. DGA, makes of the Livespeaker, have done an absolutely phenomenal job with designing the product covering pretty much all aspects of your device and taking care of the problems that you would’ve likely have faced. There is a 3.5mm plug connected to the speaker which will plug into your device, and because the ports are on different ends of the iPhone and iPod, they have made the cable re-routable. Once you do that accordingly, if needed, you can slide your device into the cradle and start cranking up the tunes.

When your device is cradles snugly into the speaker, you have easy access to volume control, sleep button, charge & sync port, and other things that you may need eventually. Sadly, there’s no volume wheel/buttons on the external body of the speaker, so every time you need it to be adjusted you must control it via your device.

Charging the speaker is done very simply. You will get about 16 hours out of the device before you will have to charge the speaker fully which only takes about 5-7 hours. You can charge the speaker with a computer or with the wall charger included along in the box.

The cradle part only takes up the middle of the speaker. The sides house the actual speaker grills where the music will come out. Now, this music isn’t any type of music. The quality of the music that comes out of this little speaker with heaps of potential, is just amazing. Like you can see in the title of this review, I have compared the Livespeakr to a Yamaha sound system. Of course, it can’t compare to such a big and expensive product, but if you size them together I’d say the Livespeakr does pretty well.

The cradle on the speaker is able to be rotated counter-clockwise so you can view your device in whatever position you need. You can turn it once to the size (horizontal), once again to get into a vertical position. What’s even better is that you can further rotate it to make the sides, where the speaker grills are houses, to pop out a little. This create a better “surround sound” experience making the full length of the speaker only slightly larger.

The speaker has a stand on the back of the body which slides out and in. Though it, for the the most part is pretty sturdy, it sometimes is a bit hard to slide out of its standard position. The force to remove it, makes you a little anxious mainly because you definitely don’t want the stand to snap. The stand also does allow different positions because of the swivel-gear it has in it, but the whole system tends to topple over most of the time when tilted back just a slight amount more than usual. Other than those two cons, the stand is a great way to keep your Livespeakr idle in your room or anywhere else you prefer.

Not only does the speaker perform awesomely, but it also looks slick. The two colors that it’s available in, black and white, both looks pretty nice with their reflectiveness. But of course, along with reflective and glossy plastic you get a fingerprint magnet included!

The Livespeakr retails for, regularly, $79.99. Except, for a limited time only, you can get it for only $69.99. I can’t recommend this top-notch, quality, speaker enough in words but if you happen to have the slightest of interest, you should pick it up – no debate, it’s one of the finest sound systems I have ever seen!

This may not apply to some of you, but the speaker is also compatible with some other iPods and select mobile/Mp3 devices.