iFrogz Boost NearField Audio Speaker Review

An awing solution to miraculously amplify any sound playing from any smartphone or speaker without the need for cables? Sounds interesting, huh? In fact, such a thing exists and iFrogz are the first (that we’ve seen) to pioneer such a miraculous piece of modern technology. All you get with the iFrogz Boost NearField Audio Speaker ($39.99) is flawless, strengthened sound – none of the hassles involved with tangled wires, plagued syncing or anything of the nature.

Engineered to be as portable as possible, the Boost NearField Audio Speaker offered by iFrogz aims to blast out your audio at high levels by requiring you to simply place your smartphone speaker near the power-button end of the speaker itself – that’s it. The speaker will magically amplify your music.

Shaped like a brick, the speaker isn’t small enough to be stowed in one’s pocket. However, it’s certainly portable enough to easily slide into a purse or handbag. On the outside, there’s really nothing special to the whole setup; just two speakers on the sides, a power button, two ports in the back for auxiliary line-in and optional DC power via microUSB, and the compartment for three AA batteries.

What’s on the inside is what is so special. Inside is iFrogz’s NearField audio technology. Laying your device on top of the speaker will result in your music being electronically amplified through the two speakers layering the sides of the hardware.

Check it out in action:

While the speaker doesn’t have the ability to blast your music to a level comparable to party speakers, it offers an evident advantage over the natural iPhone speaker. The good thing is that you’re not limited to using your iPhone in conjunction with the Boost speaker – pretty much anything that plays music with an external speaker can be used.

It’s great, and we really recommend that you pick it up as soon as you can.