Danglet Review – A Sweet Alternative Way to Keep Your iDevice Handy Without the Use of Pockets

There are wrist bands, and of course pockets to aid you whilst your on one of those daily walks of yours. But so far, nothing else other than the Danglet by Collins America has done what it does. For only $14.99, you can get an awesomely useful accessory that cleverly anchors itself into any iPhone’s or iPod’s docking connector (charge and sync) and enables you to wear your device around your neck or wrist. Now that’s a cool gadget!

So, like mentioned the Danglet is a neck/wrist strap that secures itself into the bottom docking connector on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Collins America provides this product for such a cheap price, because IMO it is basically just a little, sturdy , square-shaped piece of plastic that can be attached to any type of necklace. Heck, I’m sure you could go out to the dollar store and buy any old necklace to use however that may not be the best option for those of you who want to make your device look good hanging off of you…

In the box, you will receive the plastic piece, and two straps to use: one for use on your wrist, and the other meant to be used with your neck. The neck one if obviously longer than the other, and comes fixed on the plastic standard with your purchase. On both of these straps, there is a metal clip which goes around the hole on the plastic piece. This is the mechanism that you’ll use to switch off between the two straps.

To hook the Danglet into the iPhone or iPod, you simple hold down the two prongs on either side, slide it into the device, and let go after you hear a tiny click. Though, I was a bit scared to use the Danglet freely due to the constant fear that my docking connector would get messed up, and I wouldn’t be able to charge/sync my iPod ever again, I soon got over the fact once I saw this video:

Well, not completely true. It took some testing on my old iPod nano to do the trick on me. However, this video gets the main point out: your iPod or iPhone is completely safe while in the hold of the Danglet. So now I can, with a free un-blocked mind, walk around the street with my iPod dangling off of my neck.

Even though I’m a fairly short guy, I was able to use the Danglet with ease. It didn’t hand down too much, or make my iPod dangle vigorously. The product is a handy one with more than a few uses to it: you can use it on your daily walk around the neighborhood and take your iDevice with you everywhere that you go even if you’re wearing shorts without pockets.

When I first got the Danglet, I was scared to use it for more than 5 minutes only because of the slight chance that my iPod would get damaged. But now you can see me wearing it around pretty much anywhere I go. It only costs $14.99 plus a small shipping fee, and for that price, this amazingly awesome, cleverly made, sturdy and reliable gadget is very much worth it!