Artwizz’s PowerBud Review – A Very Elegant and Portable External Battery

When it comes to external batteries on the market, pretty much every one of them is the same. Some have their perks, like a built in stand or other little features that make them a bit more “luxurious” if you would. However, when you really think about it most external batteries don’t differ from each other all that much except in looks: and that factor, looks, is what makes the PowerBud from Artwizz such a good companion.

I received by PowerBud from Artwizz yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was the packaging. The brown cardboard box it came in had a sort of look that combines both vintage and modern to make it a whole like one of Apple’s creations. On the side of the box, my conclusion is further proved: the font and the size and pretty much everything about the way the text that displays “PowerBud” on the side of the box looks exactly like an Apple iPod or iPhone box identical to the “iPod” or “iPhone” that it would display. Not only was this a surprise, but I received a very delightful one when I opened up the packaging.

I want to mainly stress the fact that the PowerBud is probably the most elegant external battery that I’ve ever owned. Yes, it has a few cons but the looks are downright awesome. You have a solid hunk of plastic that really looks and feels like metal. (actually I think here too, it’s a combination of both!) Regularly the thing looks like any old rectangular prism you’d find. But it has a cap, that when taken off presents to you the method of charging.

Like the cable that you receive standard with every iDevice purchase, the PowerBud uses a 30-pin connector to charge your iPhone or iPod. All you do is pop off the cap, plug it in, and then click the cap right back on whenever you’re done.

Since the product is so small, it can easily be carried in a briefcase, handbag, pocket, or purse. It doesn’t add much bulk to your daily inventory of things that are added to your pocket, (iPod and phone or iPhone) and certainly does not take up much room when it is idle and sitting around. This size matter is not only an advantage in terms of portability easiness, but it also assures you that its 30-pin connector won’t easily break off and get stuck in your device. That’s right, unlike other external batteries, this one doesn’t sit flimsily in your docking connector threatening to snap that every jerk. No, it is sturdy and doesn’t budge.

In the box, you’ll receive the product itself, a mini-USB to USB wire, and an instruction manual. Supposedly, it is charged before hand, but I’d recommend charging it once again just to make sure, and it only takes a few hours. Where’s the hurry? You charge it using the wire provided or any other you have since it’s seen commonly on a computer or wall charger.

Like other external batteries, this one has the LED display. However, I’m not sure why it doesn’t function like the rest. Instead of it having a button pressable to indicate how much juice is left, the three lights only get activated when charging an iPhone or iPod or charging the PowerBud. But the grill around the LEDs and the lights themselves are also very nice looking.

The PowerBud has its many pros including a great size, wonderful look, and long-lasting lithium ion battery. The only con would be the LED light problem that I mentioned, but other than that the product is great. The battery retails at a low price of $39.99 which easily beats other external batteries on the market. You can’t get a better battery for your iDevice, than this black chrome-rimmed life-saver!