Product Review: BoxWave Nuovo (3rd-gen iPad) Case

Whether you need a case of distinctiveness or a minimalistic piece conforming to the typically-expected standards coming along with a modern iOS device case, BoxWave typically delivers. With a new iPad in-tow for design adjustments, they brought to market one of the first precision-designed cases created specifically for the third-generation iPad. Which of their typical forays does the BoxWave Nuovo fall in?

Adorned in a leather-akin material that covers the inner exterior of the case, the Nuovo feels good in the hand. It certainly does not fall into the trap some iPad cases fall in that make them slippery; we’d be hard-pressed to see the case fall. Even if it did, its edges and corners sport a hard plastic that should provide a nice amount of protection and shock absorption.

As has become commonplace, there is a front flap with magnets that can be pulled out in order to automatically take the iPad out of sleep mode and vice versa thanks to the tablet’s magnetic sensor. The flap can also be folded to make a stand that is certainly stable enough to watch a movie on, and in a more unique fashion there is a second folding option for a typing position, completing the trifecta that many other cases of this nature include despite how there’s only two folds on the front flap of the case.

A microfiber interior completes the package, ensuring your iPad goes in and out with any scratches; if anything, maybe it’ll even come out a little cleaner.

All the design elements come together to be effectively plain, with a a color choice of black or black only reinforcing that. Considering the different materials at play, BoxWave could have had a vibrant selection of color combinations. Still, it does radiate a certain business-casual look if not one that is overdone.

BoxWave’s Nuovo is a quality case that provides above-average protection, especially for those looking for a minimalist case with extra drop protection. What it lacks in vibrancy, it makes up for with a casually-suave design. Although it is all-around commonplace for an iPad case, BoxWave’s Nuovo is a stellar choice for a conventional buyer looking for third-generation iPad protection.







Buy on Amazon (at time of posting: $29.95 with free shipping and a free capacitive stylus)