Photojojo – Telephoto iPhone Lens

Photojojo is known for “out of the box” photography products. Their online store is a. maz. ing. Go check it out. One of my friends stumbled upon this telephoto lens for an iPhone on their site and told me about it. I immediately sent them an email and asked to review the product. Honestly, I don’t do that very often…usually they come to me. Now granted, I’m a photography buff, so anything that lets me take better pictures on my iPhone is a must for me but this little gadget rocks! Not only do I feel super cool using it but it’s so darn cute. This lens/case is perfect for a mom wanting to catch a shot of her kid playing baseball or at the school play. It also works great for use at concerts or during vacations when you don’t want to carry your camera and your phone, yet, you want to get close up shots of scenery and landmarks.

Info (via Photojojo):

This little (big) lens gives our humble cell phone shots uber-telephoto powers (8x the powers to be exact). Powers we never though possible with our dinky built-in lens.

Here’s how it works: each lens comes with a sleek, matte black iPhone case that you twist the lens onto. To compose your shot just twist the grip on the lens’ manual focus ring to make it sharp. Then snap!

When you aren’t using the lens you can just leave your nifty new case on and slip the lens in your pocket (try that with a 500mm Sigma). It’s a lens and case in one, always at the ready.

If you’re looking for a more composed shot, you can use the collapsible table tripod (included) to steady and focus your photos. It’ll come super handy when you’re shooting in low-light.

Each telephoto lens comes with a phone case, a mini-tripod and a cleaning cloth.

Real life experience:

I took this baby for a spin out back behind the iPhone Alley office. It was super easy to set up. You put on the black case…which surprisingly enough could be used for everyday use.


Once you snap on the case and twist the tiny lens on the case and you are ready to shoot. Now I did notice that it is harder to keep the iphone steady since it adds more weight to the phone. Which is why they include a mini tripod. The tripod has a spring sort of latch so it tightly hugs the iPhone in place.



Then you are ready to shoot! Here is me….setting it up on an electrical box. I live on the edge of danger, I tell ya. ;)


I used my iCameraHDR app to take the pictures because it is my favorite camera app and gets the colors spot on. Here is the first picture, without the lens attached.


And here is a picture with the lens on in the same location with no editing.



The picture was way better than I thought it would be. But there are a few drawbacks to the product. First, you manually focus the lens and in the bright light I was in, it was hard to see on the iPhone screen just how focused/unfocused I was. As a result the image is somewhat fuzzy, but I think that is my fault and not the lens’s. :) My only other complaint is that the edges of the image have some distortion…but really, you could totally crop this out during the editing process.

I’m in love with this little guy and I can’t wait to use him more so I can figure it out fully. Since the product is only $35, it’s a steal and it can be bought for both the 3G/3Gs and the 4.

P.S. I’m a huge fan of companies that add a personal little touch. Photojojo has this…and all I have to say is rawwrrrrr!