PADACS Snap Rubber Stand Review

From PADACS comes the Snap Rubber Stand, a petite, genius piece of rubber that makes hands-free activities with your iPhone or iPod Touch easier.

The idea behind the snap rubber stand is straightforward: it’s a useful accessory used for watching moves and more, hands-free. With an undoubtedly clever design, the stand snaps to the back of your iPhone or iPod Touch using a suction cup. You can then remove it with ease, by simply pulling it off. I’ve tried it multiple times and the effectiveness of the suction cup does not wear off, nor does the stand leave any type of residue on the back of your device.

Another pro made available kudos to the wonderful design of the stand, is that many viewing positions are available when using it. Thanks to its capability to stick to any flat surface, the stand can be placed almost anywhere on the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s back. It can be placed high, to give you a low viewing angle, placed low to give you an almost-upright viewing position and placed in the corners. Plus, you can turn your device for landscape and portrait viewing modes. Evidently, the handy design is something to compliment!

You’ll be able to easily store the stand wherever you please, whether it be a pocket, purse or something else. The small size of the stand won’t take up much room. The verdict? Small size helps with portability. And for the product’s small size, it has got a large carrying capacity. It holds your iPhone and iPod Touch with ease, and when I tried it on a Blackberry housed in an OtterBox, which is kind of heavy, it did an outstanding job.

I had only one gripe with the stand in my past few days of using it. The suction cup only connects successfully on a completely flat surface. Meaning, if you have a case on your iPhone or iPod Touch that has some sort of external, pop-out design on the back, or a design that does not yield a flat surface anywhere, you’ll have to take the case off to be able to use the stand with your device. It’s not a total game-changer, but I could see it becoming a great annoyance if you have a case that’s difficult to take off – especially hard, snap-on cases, although I can’t see how the stand would not work on one as such.

The product’s forte is, unquestionably, its ability to offer multiple positions at which it can support a device. Its brilliant, little design makes it a top contender in the large mass of available stands, considering it’s portable, lightweight and very nice looking. With a consistent record of satisfying and providing a wonderful solution for comfortably watching movies, the Snap Rubber Stand from PADACS is an easy recommendation – for $6.95, it’s an absolute no-brainer!

You can purchase the stand in one of four colors: red, green, white or black.