PADACS PowerCase for iPhone 4 Review

PADACS enters into the iPhone 4 battery-extending game with its PowerCase contender, which looks to take on the likes of leaders like Mophie, and it does succeed in a few ways, albeit with a few caveats. Should this be your choice for extra juice when it counts? Read on to find out.

Crafted out of a black glossy plastic, the PowerCase has a nice look reminiscent of the iPhone 3G’s. To an extent, the likeness is noticeable with the case’s curved shape as well. Though slightly slippery as is to be expected from the glossy finish, it is a fairly attractive package.

Since PowerCase contains a battery, it can provide an iPhone 4 on AT&T (the case will not fit the Verizon version due to its revised button placement) with hours of additional usage. There is certainly a noticeable weight addition, but it is not overly annoying and does not make the iPhone particularly hefty. The 1600mAh variant of PowerCase should be able to supply an extra 70% of battery life, while the ever-so-thicker and heavier 2200mAh offering we were sent to review is good for double the life.

As is standard fare for a case of this type, there is a blue LED power indicator on the back that can inform a user how much juice is left in the PowerCase’s internal battery with the tap of a button. The button also acts as a switch to turn the charging capability on or off in order to save it for later. Charging is accomplished through an included micro USB cable, perfect for connecting to a computer or the Apple power adapter.

I cannot be sure that this is a consistent issue in the PowerCase’s manufacturing, but I have to note how the review unit I was sent does have a few dot-sized areas on the inside of the case where the iPhone is slid in that have protruding plastic. This could be a problem due to the tendency for the iPhone to get scratched through constantly taking it in and out of the PowerCase. Since this may not be a recurring issue, if the case otherwise appeals to you go ahead and order one to check for yourself.

For a quality glossy battery case, PADACS does have a nice offering with its PowerCase for iPhone 4. This would be more of a winner if manufacturing quality control was higher, but mine may just be a unique case (no pun intended). Again, I stress that it may likely not be a persistent problem in every case. Price point is right, and there are two options for either thin-minded or power-minded customers.


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