OtterBox Commuter Series Review for iPod Touch 4G

We posted a review on OtterBox’s defender series just a few weeks ago which highlighted the case’s many pros – sadly along with some cons too. However, the case was just as much worth it even with all of the cons included in the picture. If you’re not looking for something quite so heavily built, the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the iPod Touch 4th generation might just be what you’re looking for.

For a five dollar difference in price between these two cases, the features, similarly, are not much different. They’re both heavy-duty cases – one more so – with reliable design and functionality. With the Commuter Series for the iPod Touch 4G, you get a silicone cover that fits tightly around your device with no room for moving around. On the back, a plastic hourglass-ish shaped piece fits on top of the silicone to give both grip and ensure more protection for your iPod when dropped.

The installation process was extremely easy. All you have to do is wrap the silicone around the iPod and then push on the back, plastic piece. Though there is some bunching of the silicone at first due to the tight fit of the plastic piece, you can smooth it out pretty quickly.

I was impressed by the fact that, in spite of all of the protection offered, the case managed to keep your iPod considerably thin and light. Unlike the Defender, the Commuter keeps your device slick – but you can’t critisice the bulk added with the Defender because it’s got three layers of protection. Additionally, the case keeps your iPod manageable when being carried around.

Along with protection to the body of your device, the case does all provide protection to all of your buttons and ports. There’s silicone covers on each of the buttons, and since OtterBox makes it their priority to protect your devices against anything, insert-able silicone flaps that will go into your headphone jack and charge and sync port to prevent harmful material inside. These are kind of difficult to put back in after using the according ports and can sometimes come loose while you’re casually using your device.

If you’re scared about the safety of your iPod, this case can certainly up your doubts. You can pick it up on OtterBox’s website, here for $34.95. However, if you’re looking for a more rugged case, you can check out their Defender Series case (our review) for only 5 bucks extra.