MoviePeg Review for iPhone and Sometimes iPod Touch – A Little Stand With A Simple Design, But Many Options!

moviepegg app for iphoneMovies can be a pain to watch on the small screen of your iPhone or iPod, plus the fact that you either have to bend over, or keep a hand on the iPod steadying it for the full length of the movie. That’s where stands make there way into the picture, and the ones that offer the best are of course the best!

Among the vast amount of stands on the market, the MoviePeg is without doubt one of my favorites. Constructed from a hard form of rubber, this little companion gets big praise out of you when you first use it!

The MoviePeg is made solely for the iPhone and iPad, sadly not specifically for the iPod Touch. However, I have an iPod Touch and still manage to review it. How? Because my iPod is housed in a case that makes it slightly thicker than it would normally – almost the size of the iPhone. If you have a case like this, you’ll be able to use the stand problem free. (Cases I have that meet this thickness requirement: Proporta Soft Feel Silicone Case, Speck Pixelskin, and Speck Candyshell)

As the name implies, the stand sort of takes the look of a peg. It is made out of a hard piece of rubber. This material is crafted into a rectangular shape with one index-finger-sized cutout which you use to grip the stand onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. This stand is not too thick, and the rubber is very hard to bend even one millimeter which ensures that your MoviePeg is safe from drops.

Since the MoviePeg is extremely small, it will easily slip into a pocket, purse, handbag or whatever else you carry around with you. So how does this small of a thing have so much good impact on me? It is a sturdy and reliable stand that works great! You can stand your iPod in different positions by hooking on the MoviePeg on different places. You can have it almost straight up, tilting back some, or tilting back to an angle almost parallel to the surface its standing on – you’ll be satisfied no matter how you want to use your device.

On the official website, you’ll find an inventory of a variety of different MoviePegs that vary based on their color. This is probably the most options in terms of colors that I’ve ever seen before. There is black, red, bright green, a lemon-like yellow, a sky blue and many others – you name it. Each with a unique name, the MoviePegs all appealed to me when I saw them.

There really were no cons I could find when I toyed around with the MoviePegs. They’re just so…perfect. They are small enough to fit into any size pocket, they’re sturdy, are made out of a durable material, offer many different viewing options for your preference, and are available in a universe of rather unique colors.

These little guys cost only $9.99 each, and I highly recommend them. In fact, I recommend two of them. You can actually use two at a time to make sure your iPod or iPhone is standing even more reliably, and all this while staying in a tight budget. With these great companions, you’re life on a plane, train, or even at home is that much less strenuous!