Mini Portable Stereo Speaker Review + Discount Promo Code

I’ve always loathed the speaker on the iPod Touch 2nd generation. It’s just so…weak. It doesn’t project sound properly, and you can barely hear your music when with a crowd. Yes, I know that there are headphones to solve this problem, but thanks to, I now have another alternative: a small extension speaker! is a retailer/wholesaler that sells many electronics at wholesale prices. I recently got a chance to try out their Mini Portable Stereo Speaker which is a small speaker that projects sound much louder than the original iPod and iPhone speakers!

This little, but also handy, product is shaped in a rectangular sort of way. It is designed to be ultra light, easily portable, and when held in the palm, comfortable. These three things it is along with not being too bulky. The small design allows it to be slipped easily into a pocket, purse, or handbag and it also doesn’t take up much room in the house.

What this tiny guy does is connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch using it’s own 30-pin connector, and when music is played on the device, it comes out of this. Because of the small size of the speaker, I don’t have the constant fear that I usually have about extensions breaking off and the 30-in connector getting stuck in my iPod.

The speaker serves as a handy little alternative to the weak built-in speaker in your device. It can play sound much louder. On the body of the speaker itself there are two buttons. One with a plus sign on it, and the other with a minus one. These two buttons can be used accordingly to raise and lower the volume of playing music.

The only disadvantage that I have met with the speaker, is that it doesn’t work on iPods or iPhone with cases on them. The outer rim of a case, and the big plastic part of the speaker seem to conflict, and the 30-pin connector doesn’t seem to insert into the iDevice fully. This causes problems, and to use the speaker you must do the annoying – take off your case every single time.

Even with the one mishap mentioned earlier, the speaker still proves to be a useful gadget that I see myself using for parties, or simply when I want some loud music. The Mini Portable Stereo Speaker is available in two standard colors: black and white. And it does come very cheaply for a price of only $6.37!

If you’re looking for a portable, and light speaker then make your move now!

As promised, here is a promo code that can be used on the website to get 5% off all purchases (redeem at checkout): NM5OFF6