Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone and all iPods – With this small package, you get big quality

Over the past two years I have come across many, many apps that require a mic to work and that with the iPod Touch are compatible. In these instances, I must forget about the app which is a disgrace, and I do not enjoy doing so. However, from I recently received a mini microphone that iPhone or iPod Touch, works greatly!

With the Mini Microphone from I can now record sound onto my iPod Touch. Yes, I know that there are headphones that come standard with a built in microphones, but the little capsule shaped design of the one I received makes it light, and most undoubtedly portable!

The Mini Microphone is designed in a capsule/cylindrical sort of way. It looks almost like a big medicine pill, with a detachable cap that will reveal the 3.5 mm plug that will plug into the audio jack on your device. This cap idea serves as protection to the plug preventing from scratches. Because of the smallness of the product, it is light and easily fits in a pocket, purse, or handbag instantaneously becoming portable.

After using the microphone for a few days now, I can safely say that it is a great alternative to a pair of headphones with a mic on them. The Mini Microphone catches the slightest of sounds (which in this instance is a good thing), and everything that you ever record is crystal clear.

When the package first arrived, I was surprised by the mic’s small size. The packaging is nothing too fancy, just a plastic box but this is enough for such a small product. However, my thinking of the microphone being a weak product was proved wrong after I started my testing with the Apple Voice Recording application.

Although on the microphone’s product page, usbfever clearly states that the microphone isn’t a speaker, I really wish it has some sort of mechanism built into it to enable to play sound. In its current form, you must unplug the mic every time you want to listen to one of your recordings which can prove to be annoying, and it does worry me that my audio jack will get messed up. It wouldn’t have to be the best speaker out there, just something that compares to the iPod’s built in one.

The microphone is available in two colors: black and white. I was sent white, and it looks pretty slick with its great gloss finish. It’s compatible with pretty much any iPod (and iPhone).

The microphone is priced at a $11.99 price tag which, when you think about, does seem a bit overpriced. However, I think it’s worth it, and it would be even more worth it if had a built in speaker. If you’re looking for a mic, or an alternative to the iPhone’s mic, give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.