LifeProof Case Review for iPhone 4/4S

Life is a inextricable jumble of accidents, failures, drops and whatnot that always have the potential to hinder your iPhone to some extent. While people prefer thin cases over bulkier ones, most in the recent past have been the latter by adding additional weight to your device but also protecting. LifeProof’s iPhone 4/4S ($79.99) iteration of their popular line of cases aims to provide protection against many of the usual culprits that inflict damage while simultaneously providing that assurance in a sleek, form-fitted fashion.

The fine folks over at LifeProof have evidently invested tons of time in perfecting their creation. While it doesn’t come lightly in terms of price, it comes hard in the department of reliable safeguarding against harmful substances. The case claims to be waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and snowproof all of which it is. It’s great to know that you don’t need to take any extra precautions with your device when you’ve got the LifeProof case on – well, you can’t go crazy, of course.

Check out the following video that showcases the case’s awing abilities:

Like we said above, it’s surely awing without the slightest amount of doubt. Call me crazy, but I don’t know if I’d ever casually toss my phone into a tank of water that could immediately swallow up my iPhone and suck the life out of it. Nor could I drop my phone purposely from a height of 6 feet without trembling about what kind of internal damage was happening. I couldn’t humanely do it but knowing that I am able to, or am safeguarded in those situations, comforts me.

While providing armor against all of the aforementioned situations, you’d think that the case would be nearing the width of a phone from the 80s. Fortunately, LifeProof have incredibly packed all of the means of protection in an eensy-weensy case that adds almost no additional bulk in comparison to the naked iPhone. Depending on how you consider that, that could be a good thing or a bad thing, though, we can reassuringly say that the case is obviously built tough without the slightest chance of cracking.

The case has been designed in two parts. One, the front, is constructed of a silicone bezel and the back of a hard plastic. The two go together, in coalescence with the plastic sheet that lays over the screen, to provide an all-around shell in which your iPhone will be. Both of the pieces will snap together – installation that’s hardly difficult. However, removing the case is quite a challenge. You’ll have to gently rock the case up and down while making sure not to bend it. It’s a time consuming process, but the case wasn’t designed to be taken apart frequently.

It would be wrong to say that the case does not takes affairs daintily. Instead, LifeProof as a company have armed their product with everything you’d need to protect against anything hazardous. The charge & sync that layers the bottom of the phone has been covered with a hinged door. This door will swivel in and out and will snap firmly in place when closed to make sure no water gets in this way.

The LifeProof has employed a watertight solution to protection against liquid damage. When you piece the two parts of the case together, you’ll notice the rubber band lining the rear half. This makes sure that no water creeps in if your phone is submerged.

Another precaution taken is the inclusion of a plug that screws into your headphone jack. This will prevent water from entering through this way. I had trouble unscrewing the plug for the first time, which was the result of the considerably small height and lack of grip due to that. Once this initial unscrewing, however, it’s an easy task to unscrew. LifeProof have anticipated your next complaint due to this protective feature; they’ve included a holder with the case that the plug can screw into. This can then attach to headphones making managing the holder and the plug simple – if you do happen to lose either, you can purchase replacements online. Also included is an extension cord that also screws into the iPhone’s headphone jack and provides another jack to plug headphones into hence allowing you to use your phone underwater with headphones.

Although you don’t need to take many further precautions after housing your device in the almighty case, prior to installing the case you’ll need to perform a variety of tests and inspections, to say the least. You’ll firstly need to check whether or not your unique (no pun intended) case is waterproof or not, of course, without your iPhone inside. Secondly, you’ll have to confirm that there are absolutely no oil smudges or speckles of grit and dust on either your iPhone or the inside of the LifeProof case. This takes some close analysis considering many irritable substances and/or particles will slip your eyes for the first couples times you run your eyes across your device and the case. For this reason, a microfiber cloth is included to thoroughly scrub, if you will, the areas. Finally, you’ll need to definitively be able to say that there’s nothing stuck to the rubber lining that protects against water damage, including hair, dust and other things of the same sort. If these do manage to stay on, they can in fact counteract the sealing function of the lining.

Unfortunately, protection doesn’t come cheap. LifeProof are retailing the case for a whopping $79.99 which seems unnecessary for the slim product that the protection is delivered in; however, there’s no debate about price when you’ve got an expensive device constantly in danger of being fatally damaged.

Overall, LifeProof have done a fabulous job with engineering and producing this seemingly impossible endeavor. To create a case that faithfully preserves the iPhone in many of life’s inevitable situations without adding a significant amount of bulk to the phone’s slender qualities is a wonderful accomplishment. Though the case doesn’t retain the iPhone’s lustrous qualities, and it looks quite bare, LifeProof have offered multiple color combinations. All in, gripes and everything, slightly protecting your iPhone is an understatement; the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4S caters to each of the world’s niches. It’s hardly debatable whether $79.99 is an accurate asking price – purchase it.

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