iPhone Battery Pack

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone is battery life, so many people look for an external battery pack to help with that issue.  I found one from EXOGEAR, exolife, and so far I love it.

It works more as an external battery instead of a secondary battery.  The case automatically turns off when the phone is fully charged, instead of working at the same time as the main battery.  The case adds double life to your iPhone 4, up to an additional 7 hours of talk time!  There’s even a battery meter on the back of the case so you know when to charge the case.

This case is thinner and lighter than most battery packs.  It measures 2.44″ x 5.1″ x 0.59″.  The case adds barely anything to the width, about a half inch in length and about a quarter inch in thickness.  It only adds two ounces of weight to the phone, which compared to most battery cases, is nothing.

The case is a polycarbonate hardshell that protects against drops and scratches, however it doesn’t add any protection for the front of the phone.  The case is two individual pieces, the battery (back) and then a bumper case that holds the case together.  The case comes in two colors, black and white but there are 4 colors of bumper cases you can buy (green, blue, clear and smoke).

You don’t even have to remove the phone from the case to sync it to iTunes.  The phone comes with a USB 2.0 cable that connects at the bottom of the case.  When you plug the cord into the case and your computer and open iTunes, your phone will sync!

Even though the case covers the mic/speaker, I have not noticed a difference in being able to hear my phone nor have people noticed a difference when I’m talking on the phone.  The case has two slits at the bottom that let the sound pass through.

I haven’t wanted an external battery pack because most are so heavy and bulky, however, I don’t have that problem with this case.  In fact, for me I love the extra area the case adds to phone.

I was one of the crazies that waited in line the day the iPhone 4 was released and since the only case available at the time was the Apple Bumper, I didn’t have a case till the free case program.  Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t drop or shatter my phone.  By itself the phone is very slick and easily dropped, the extra area the EXOGEAR case adds makes the phone even easier to hold.

The case is $89.95 on the EXOGEAR website and the extra bumper are $14.95.  You can find out more information about the case at www.exogear.com.