iDapt – Charging Dock

For Christmas this past year my Dad got me one of those charging mats. The idea behind them is so cool but the reality is a bit more complicated. For it to work with the iPhone I had to have a specific case. I didn’t really want their case, I wanted MY case. So, I’ve been on the look out for a cool charging station ever since.

I think we all know how it feels to have a rats nest of charging cords for our small electronics. They can add up pretty quickly for us tech geeks. :D Between my phone, iPod, camera, Flip camcorder and more, my charging area has gotten pretty cluttered. Then, I found the iDapt Universal Charger. This device is one small flat box that can charge up to 4 devices at one time.

The device uses an interchangeable tip system that allows you to change the charging tips depending on what devices you want to charge. There are 3 tips on the top as well as a USB port on the side. The USB port is perfect for charging an iPad or tablet.

There is a tip available for almost any device possible. The dock comes with 6 standard tips that will fit most all devices. You can also purchase additional tips as well if you need more than one of the same tips.

When I got this device I put it on my night stand. It looks so much neater and organized than my old “tangle of cords” system. I have been able to charge my devices while I sleep and the dock automatically shuts off when charging is complete. This eliminates the vampire power we all know about and pay for.

My two complaints about this product are that you only get one iPhone/iPod tip that comes standard. I would have liked to have two, one for my iPhone and one for my iPod. If you have an Otterbox, charging may get a little more complicated for you since you will have to remove the case to charge. But, if you have any other type of case, you should be able to set your phone on the dock to charge with no problems.

Bottom line – iDapt i4 Charging Dock – Great product and worth every penny!

Written by Mary Ryan