iCamera HDR Review

Everimaging, the creators of HDR Photo Pro and HDR Darkroom, have moved beyond their desktop programs. They brought their photography editing software to the iPhone. The iCamera HDR app will allow you to get the best photographs possible with your iPhone. Whether you are an amateur or professional, this app will give you the tools to take, create and edit the best pictures.

The auto capture mode does more than any other app I’ve seen. In one swoop it evaluates lighting and calculates both light and dark exposures all while using a stabilizer to prevent a shaky picture. There is also a manual capture mode that allows you to calculate the exposures to your liking.

Once iCamera HDR has captured the picture you have a slew of ways to edit the picture. The Tone Mapping portion allows you to get the lighting of the picture just right. Choose the Tone Balancer to balance the shadows and highlights. Choose the Tone Enhancer to created better focus in the details. The Tone Compressor provides faster processing. In addition to the exposure edits, you may also choose from nine photo effects.

One of the best parts of this app is how easy it is to share your pictures once they have been edited. With one click you can export the pictures to your iPhone photo album, email, flickr or Facebook.

Real World Use:
This app will take some getting used to. There are a lot of ways to edit the photograph and if you are unfamiliar with photo editing, it may be a short learning process for you. However, if you know photography well, this app will be a breeze and you will love the choices you get. I have two complaints. One is the time you have to wait for the photo to respond to the edit. It takes a little longer than I would like. It’s not long by any means but we are all immediate people and want things done fast! Secondly, while the photo is editing a waiting box comes up over the picture. I’d like to see that go away so that I could see the switch take place in the picture. That way I can have a mental side by side view of the picture as it changes.

As a photography buff, I have to say this app is the best I’ve seen like it. I have at least 15 different photography apps on my iPhone now and this will definitely be one I use, a lot. With the capture modes, you can guarantee that you will have the best picture to start off with, then you have just about every type of editing need at your fingertips. At only $1.99, iCamera HDR is worth every penny.