Gunslugs App Review – Slug Them in the Face

It’s probably quite apparent by now that we absolutely adore retro games here at iPhone Alley. The stylish artwork, fast-paced gameplay and playfully absurd premises coalesce to form a genre that seems like it was designed solely for touchscreens. A favorite developer who has consistently managed to release such arcade-styled games with incredible chart-topping potential is indie Dutch game maker, OrangePixel. The latest of their releases, Gunslugs ($1.99), is nothing short of fantastic, and it’s kept us absolutely obsessed for the past few weeks since its release.

The foundation of the game is fairly—well extremely simple. Your mission is to traverse across the game’s limitless environment and destroy towers with beacons along the way, while simultaneously blasting pretty much anything and everything that moves. This whole formula is simplified in that you’re limited to moving horizontally across the screen and only have the ability to move, shoot and jump.

Gameplay is split up into randomly-generated increments of play, which will each take a few minutes to play through. This means that no two game sessions will be alike, heightening the overall variation aspect of the game. As you complete increment, the difficulty level slowly ramps up higher and higher to a point at which it’s nearly impossible to travel a few in-game feet without being murdered by AI enemies.

Layering the top left corner of the screen are two meters indicated the amount of health as well as ammo that you have remaining at any given point in time. Along the way, crates can be destroyed for health packs and additional ammunition.

A layer of depth is added with the incorporation of other gameplay elements other than enemies. At each point in time, the player will have three objectives or missions that can be completed. These add a new spin of challenge into the mix and completing these missions will unlock various other characters. Other additions include helicopters, tanks and other such.

Once you consider the pixelated artwork, which is absolutely brilliant, the fast-paced gameplay and the frantic flying of ammunition, everything happening on the screen gets a bit tangled up. For that reason, it’s difficult to always know what’s going on, and all the wildness can be a culprit behind your character’s demise quite often.

Also incorporated into the game is a separate two-player mode. Although there’s currently no way you can play with a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the game allows you to use two Gamepads and one display device (three devices in total) to play alongside someone else.

In truth, Gunslugs can be a little too chaotic at [most] times. That’s not to say, however, that it’s a game not worthy of the measly $1.99 asking price. In fact, wasn’t the beauty of arcade titles of yesteryear the fact that they were nearly impossible?

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