EMVY iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

In the next few weeks, we will be reviewing several iPhone 4 battery cases. The first is the EMVY iPhone 4 Battery Case, which tops our list. This case truly is the thinnest and lightest I’ve seen. The case itself looks and feels like any other hard case on the market, you almost can’t believe it is packing a battery as well.

The EMVY website lists these stats for the case:

Rechargeable battery built inside
Blue LED lights indicating the case battery condition
Capacity: 1500mAh
Input: DC5V/500mA
Charging time: 4 hours
Standby time: Up to 360 hours
Talk time: Up to 6 hours on 3G Up to 13.3hours on Edge
Internet Use: Up to 6 hours on 3G Up to 10.6 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio play: Up to 36 hours
Video play: Up to 10.6 hours
Dimension: Length 123.8mm’s | Width 60.8mm’s | Thickness 14.9mm’s
Weight: Approximately 53.5 g’s | 1.88 oz’s |

Look and Feel:
The case comes neatly packaged in a see through box, that crazy enough does not have the EMVY name on it. Included with the case is a USB cord for charging. The matte black case is soft to the touch and made from durable plastic. It’s easily held in the hand and the smooth curve of the back prevents slipping. On the back of the case near the camera is a pop out kickstand. The case comes in two pieces that connect easily by sliding a slim lid over the top of the phone to connect the pieces. The case fits flush to the screen that keeps the case as slim as possible. Under the home button are blue LED lights showing the charge and an on button to initiate the case.

Charging the case and phone could not be any easier than charging your phone without a battery pack. The USB cord connects to the case instead of the phone itself and charges the phone and the case at the same time. I usually charge my phone at night, so I had a full charge after I woke up. I usually have my battery pretty much wiped out by the evening but the case allowed me skip charging for the night and still make it easily through the next day. I also had this case on my phone for a day or two at CES.  It made it really nice, since I never can find an outlet to charge my phone in a hotel room.

Overall Impression:
There are a few cons to the case. For one, the USB cord is too short in my opinion. It makes it difficult to charge through an A/C outlet and fits the bill better for charging from a laptop. Also, since the screen is flush on the front there is no protection for the screen. I like my case to have protection on all sides. However, it is worth the sacrifice since the case is so slim and light. The best parts of the case are the sleek design, the feel of the case, the kickstand and the battery power. If you are looking for a battery case that has all the power under the hood but looks and feels like a standard case, then this is the case for you.