Easy-Macro Lens Band Review – Spruce Up Your Smartphone Pictures

With the increase in potential that was invested into the newest iteration of Apple’s expanding lineup of iPhone devices, it’s expected to see a market monopolize for smartphone accessories that will enhance picture taking from such devices. We highlighted an accessory a few months back, which we thought was really neat, and we’ve received a sample for review – the Easy-Macro Lens Band from Photojojo ($15) aims to make taking macro photos from any smartphone, really, an easy, plausible process.

For those who aren’t familiar with how the Easy-Macro Lens Band works: in just a few words, it’s a rubber band that snaps around the external portion of virtually any phone and covers the device’s camera lens with a small convex, magnified piece of plastic that’s molded into the band; this allows you to capture previously unseen details and enables you to be more creative with your camera rather than going out and purchasing a camera solely meant for the purpose of taking macro shots.

The band comes packaged around a standard sheet of plastic much like a credit card for easy access. Due to the small size of the accessory, and it’s less apparent aim to be optimally portable, you can slip the card with the band stretched around into a wallet. Thus, this allows you to quickly pull out the band when you most need it. Also, thanks to the overall design, the band can essentially be worn around one’s wrist, however, it’s a bit constricting in truth and probably wouldn’t be comfortable sitting wrapped around a wrist of considerable thickness. Regardless, Photojojo have made the issue of portability a breeze by providing two options to transport the accessory everywhere.

For a accessory like this, the biggest and most important question to ask is whether or not it performs up to expectations. Fortunately, it does. Once you slip on the band, you’ll be captivated by how much detail it reveals. Whether it’s the texture of a cork, or if it’s the veins of a leaf, the Easy-Macro Lens Band makes those evident. The pictures will turn out blurry, though, if you’re not within a few inches or less to your desired subject; otherwise, the details are astounding.

I only really worried about one thing, and that was the durability of the band. As soon as I unboxed the card on which the band was being held (and the random dinosaur that Photojojo surprisingly threw in), I began to question how easily the rubber of which the band is made of would simply give way. On the product description, Photojojo have included that the band will fit any phone. Now, with the iPhone, I’m not so worried – with a phone like the Galaxy S2, though, I’d begin to doubt the quality of the band’s material.

Though it’s simply a sliver of rubber, it’s a powerful sliver of rubber tailored to satisfy any avid photographer’s expectations. The provided solutions for means of portability and the astonishing ability of the band to instantaneously transform your smartphone’s camera into a powerful master of detail makes the $15 asking price quite alluring, to say the least.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Overall" cat1detail="We really liked the Easy-Macro Lens Band and are looking forward to experimenting further with it in the near future. $15 isn't a steep price for such an accessory." cat1rating="5"]

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